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In Memory of Mother Maybelle Carter’s 110th Birthday

 Maybelle Carter’s Biography

Maybelle Carter
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Our late Maybelle Addington is known as “Mother” Maybelle or Maybelle Carter. She was born May 10, 1909, in Virginia. She was known as an American Country musician. Her unique style of playing guitar made a mark in the Country Music industry.

In 1926, Maybelle married Ezra Carter. She was 17 years old at that time. They had three daughters namely Helen, June, and Anita.

Maybelle began performing with her cousin and brother-in-law at church events or in their community gatherings. In 1927, the Carter family was formed, having A.P Carter, Sara, and Maybelle as the original members. They’re one of the first commercial rural music groups. Maybelle, being the group lead guitarist, helped the Carter family become the “First Family of Country Music.”

During Maybelle’s childhood, music was already present in her life. Further, she is one of the popular-music pioneers.

Maybelle Carter’s Career

In 1927, Carter Family won a contract with RCA Victor Records. The Carter Family gave pride to the country by their recordings and radio broadcasts. The Carter Family recorded the song “Wildwood Flower” and “Can the Circle Be Unbroken (By and By)”  inspired by country and bluegrass canon. Those recordings became their first regular live radio program and it influenced the entire generation of country and rock-and-roll stars.

In 1943, the group stopped performing. Further, A.P. and Sara also ended their marriage but that didn’t hinder her in performing. Instead, she created a new group carrying the Carter family name and bringing her three daughters into her world of music.

“Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters” was their group name.

In their first five years, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters started performing on a radio program named Old Dominion Barn Dance. In 1950, they began performing on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The songs “Wabash Cannonball” and “Wildwood Flower” recorded by Mother Maybelle and Carter Sisters are considered as one of the classics of country music.

However, her daughters stopped performing in the late 1950s. But Maybelle still remained in Opry until her death on October 23, 1978.

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Maybelle Carter

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