December 16

Scotty McCreery Tributes Charley Pride with “Five More Minutes”

The second week before the beginning of December starts sad as one of the greatest, kindest, and legendary country artists passed away. This was following Pride’s immense battle with the infamous global pandemic COVID-19.

He was a father-figure and a close friend for all stars we look up to, and that’s the reason why Scotty McCreery dedicated ‘Five More Minutes’ to thank and see through the legacy of Charley Pride.

For the Nicest Guy Out There

McCreery isn’t always the type to dedicate a song to anyone as he made the song for his Granddaddy Bill. But as he looks back on his previous interactions with Pride just before his performance, he realized that he isn’t just some senior in the country music industry. He was a legend, but also a friend within arms reach, ready to make you feel at home anytime just with his presence.

McCreery shared how the Grand Ole Opry stage is indeed a special place for him, filled with great memories and unforgettable performances. He also expressed how he feels honored knowing that great artists performed on the same stage, and with that fact, it is the best stadium to get all emotional and dedicate the best heartfelt song he could offer to Charley Pride.

“Charley was a joy,” McCreery continued. He recalls how they were able to casually talk backstage about baseball, music, and everything. He was the nicest guy, and with that said McCreery decided to play and dedicate the very same song he wrote for his granddad to Charley Pride.

The Final Battle of a Legend and a Trailblazer

But even before the Opry performance, he already did and made a tribute to Pride. He’s still a member of the Country Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry that made the media alias him as “a true legend and a trailblazer.”

Charley Pride was bested by COVID-19 with the complications it inflicted on him. He admitted that he was diagnosed with the virus in late November. Sadly, despite his incredible efforts, skill, and the care of the medical team who looked after him, he was still unable to overcome the virus.

The late country artist lived a long life of 86 years before the hospital announced his passing on Saturday, December 12. But with the kindness he showed to his co-artists, his legacy is sure to live on inside their hearts by paying tribute to him on social media and other means.

Our deepest condolences.


Charley Pride, Scotty McCreery

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