January 11

Charley Pride Sings Of Sweet Love With “Someone Loves You Honey”

Dubbed as Country Music’s First Black Superstar, Charley Pride was also popularly known as the master of heartbroken ballads. “Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger” and “Just You and Me” are prime examples. However, he did have room for sweet songs in his discography, including “Someone Loves You Honey.”

The track was written by the hit country songwriter Don Devaney wrote the track and was originally recorded by Johnny Rodriguez in 1974. It was for his fourth album, Songs About Ladies and Love. 

Four years later, Pride covered the song as the title track and second single for his same-titled album, and it earned him his 20th career number one on the country chart, which lasted for two weeks. Then, it remained on the charts for ten more weeks.

In 1980, Jamaican singer June Lodge released her version featuring Jamaican DJ Prince Mohammed as her debut album’s first single and title track. It was well-received, reaching number one in the Netherlands and becoming the best-selling single of 1982 in the country. American soul and pop singer Lutricia McNeal also earned success with the song in 1988. 

Meaning Behind The Song

Charley Pride’s “Someone Loves You Honey” was produced by himself and Jerry Bradley under RCA. Simple is the best, which Pride showcased with this song. 

The two-minute-and-ten-second-long song was a pure expression of love and assurance. Fans believed this was a song he sang to his wife, Rozene Cohran, whom he met while playing baseball in Memphis, Tennessee. Well, all Charley Pride songs about love were thought to be dedicated to her and deservingly so. 

The first two lines were a declaration of love, the commitment to share every breathing moment of his life with her. Then, in the chorus, he reminded her that someone always loves her more than anything in the world. 

He also expressed his gratitude for choosing him whenever she needed someone. Then he sang, “That’s what my love is for / It’s a shoulder to lean on / A in the storm.” The song ends with him assuring her one last time that he will always love her. 

While it may sound all too romantic, the song can also be about a parent, specifically a father, singing to his daughter. Some have used this song for the father-daughter dance

If you’re a dad or a husband reading this, go ahead, take your girl, and dance to Charley Pride’s “Someone Loves You Honey.”


Charley Pride

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