November 24

You Should Not Miss Miranda Lambert’s Stunning Rendition of “My Father’s Gun”

Miranda Lambert added a personal touch to the song “My Father’s Gun.” Her version was included in the tribute album Restoration: Re-imagining the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, where a select group of country stars was given the immense honor to cover one of Elton John‘s greatest songs.

The entire album is composed of country singers’ unique take on songs that John made iconic. Some of the artists featured were Chris Stapleton on “I Want Love,” Lee Ann Womack on “Honky Cat,” and Kacey Musgraves on “Roy Rogers.”

Being a lifelong fan of John’s music, Lambert told the Tennessean that she has chosen “My Father’s Gun” after re-discovering the track as an adult while going through a difficult time in her life.

“I re-listened to it a couple years ago,” she recalled. “Sometimes, you hear things differently. And I had gone through some things in my life. It’s almost like I re-discovered it, and it impacted me totally differently as an adult who had been through some things. It’s crazy how music can touch you over and over again.”

And Lambert did not fail to make the song her own. Her spin on the tune is even more stripped-down than John’s original— adding to the somber tone “My Father’s Gun” hopes to convey to its listeners. 

While Lambert’s delivery starts tenderly, things escalate as the song goes on. When it is about to end, Lambert is singing in more of her signature, rock-like style that we are used to hearing. Lambert’s voice is also backed by the drive of an electric guitar that lent a sense of intensity to the song.

Overall, Lambert’s version of “My Father’s Gun” is a work of art. 

A Haunting Song That Resonates As Much

Written by Elton John with his longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin, “My Father’s Gun” tells the tale of a young man who lost his father during the Civil War. After burying his father, he decided to take his place in the war as a Confederate soldier with his father’s gun in his hands.

“I’ll take my horse, and I’ll ride the northern plain. To wear the color of the greys and join the fight again. I’ll not rest until I know the cause is fought and won. From this day on until I die, I’ll wear my father’s gun,” the song goes.

It was first released in 1970 as the fifth track on John’s third studio album, Tumbleweed Connection. Though this is one of John’s lesser-known hits, Lambert’s version sparked some interest in today’s country fans.

Her performance during the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards – I’m Still Standing: A GRAMMY Salute To Elton John at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in January 2018, left the audience in awe – from the beginning until the very end. Still, the country singer felt intimidated performing in front of two legends.

“It’s very intimidating and terrifying to perform for Bernie and Elton, who are sitting right there,” Lambert said. “And you’re hoping that you’re doing their song justice. But I think every artist probably feels the same way. We’re just thrilled to death that we were chosen to sort of represent them and what they stand for.”

Tune in and listen to Miranda Lambert’s rendition of “My Father’s Gun” in the video below.


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