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Bob Wills A Maiden's Prayer

Bob Wills’ Luxurious Rendition of the Iconic “A Maiden’s Prayer”

In 1938, Iconic western music artist Bob Wills released his rendition of the song 'A Maiden's Prayer', which became a standard for many.

Bob Wills Songs

The Best Bob Wills Songs, The King of Western Swing

Though countless songs blending blues, jazz, and big-band swing sprang up like mushrooms in the 1930s, nothing compared to Bob Wills songs.

Bob Wills Death

Remembering The Death of Bob Wills, The Greatest Western Swing Musician Of All Time

After suffering several strokes, Bob Wills died on May 13, 1975, due to bronchial pneumonia. He left an indelible mark in country music across his five-decade career.

Bob Wills Facts

Here Are Some Facts About Bob Wills, Known as The King of Western Swing

There's definitely one and only King of Western Swing, and that's Bob Wills. Let's celebrate his life and musical legacy through these exciting facts.

Country Stars Back Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees of 2020

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees of 2020 are ready and several country artists will join dozens more to honor this year’s inductees.

Hats Off to Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys! 86 Years of Elite Western Swing Legacy

King of Western Swing Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys were reckoned rock stars on both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Faded Love:” A Sentimental Song about Lost Love by Bob Wills

"Faded Love" is a deep ballad song that talks about lost love. It was popularized by Bob Wills in the 1950s.

Lovin’ the Outlaw Country: Bob Wills Is Still the King

Coming from the land of Texas, Jennings was the promulgator of the outlaw country music.  He initiated the anti-nashville style of country music.

Loving the Outlaw Country Song “Bob Wills Is Still the King”

Who remembers the outlaw tribute song of Waylon Jennings to Bob Wills? The song was written as a tribute to James Robert Wills or also known as Bob Wills.

Remembering Bob Wills on his Death Anniversary

Bob Wills made the music industry unique. He learned to play traditional music from his family. He had a big role in american western music.