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Five Husbands Later, Lorrie Morgan Finally Found The Love Of Her Life

Lorrie Morgan’s husband, Randy White, is the man she’s going to spend forever with. The country singer, whose real name is Loretta Lynn Morgan, has finally found true love. 

In 2010, she married the Tennessee businessman at a secret beachside ceremony. It’s been ten years of their marriage, and their relationship is still as strong as ever. But did you know that this is the sixth marriage for Morgan and her first to someone not in the music industry? Let’s take a look back at her colorful journey of finding a happily married life.

Lorrie Morgan’s Turbulent Personal Life

Lorrie Morgan’s first marriage was to Ron Gaddis, a musician in George Jones’ road band. The two got married in 1979 to a marriage that will only last to three years. They had one daughter together, Morgan Anastasia Gaddis.

In 1896, Lorrie Morgan married second husband and fellow country singer Keith Whitley. With their immense talent and country cred, Morgan and Whitley were a power couple. They were blessed with one child, Jesse Keith Whitley, in 1987. Whitley has also adopted Morgan Anastasia. 

Lorrie Morgan once recalled in her interview with The Tennessean how the little Morgan Anastasia looked at Whitley and said, “Would you adopt me?” and Whitley just started crying and said to her, “Honey, I would love to adopt you.” 

However, what was supposed to be a happy family crumbled down when Whitley tragically died from alcohol poisoning three years after their marriage. Lorrie Morgan wrote about how Whitley battled with alcoholism in her 1997 autobiography Forever Yours, Faithfully: My Love Story. She shared that she’d sometimes tie their legs together just to keep her husband from sneaking out to get a drink.

Lorrie Morgan continued keeping the legacy and memory of her late husband alive. In 2019, Lorrie Morgan and her family honored Keith Whitley. They hosted a concert at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, featuring Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Darryl Worley, and so much more. The concert was held during the 30th anniversary of Whitley’s death.

“We wanted to make the 30th anniversary a very special tribute to Keith,” Morgan told The Tennessean. “We’re just so excited about how many people are going to be here to honor Keith and sing his music.”

Lorrie Morgan was also present to commemorate Keith Whitley’s country legacy on the opening of the exhibit, Still Rings True: The Enduring Voice of Keith Whitley at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 

Her third marriage was to Brad Thompson, a former bus driver for Clint Black. They married in 1991 and divorced two years after. In 1996, she married husband number four, fellow country singer Jon Randall, and divorced three years later.

Two years later, Lorrie Morgan married another fellow country singer Sammy Kershaw. They were two married individuals who decided to get out of their marriages to pursue the love they felt for each other. But the beginning of their marriage turned out to be me-and-you-against-the-world. And then it was violent and turbulent that it even led to getting restraining orders against each other.

“We had so many people that were for us, but yet so many people that were against us. And they didn’t want to see us succeed,” Morgan said.

“And they played us against each other. And we fell for it. And we took it out on each other. And one fight led to another fight, and it became extremely, extremely violent. I mean, it was — it was very uncalled for. And the first thing we did was file a restraining order. Instead of talking about it, we were kept away from each other. So we couldn’t even talk about it.”

After realizing they were soulmates, the two were able to reconcile but called it quits in 2007.

But all the heartaches and the dramas are now in the past. The Nashville native is in her happiest state now that the love of her life, husband Randy White, is beside her.


Lorrie Morgan, Randy White

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