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How Kenny Chesney Inspired Blake Shelton’s Hit “Some Beach”

How Kenny Chesney Inspired Blake Shelton's Hit "Some Beach" 1
Blake Shelton | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

When Rory Feek and Paul Overstreet had a ‘brainstorming’ session at a Starbucks store about Kenny Chesney’s beach songs, they ended up writing a tune they never expected to become a hit. At that time, Overstreet was about to write a song for Chesney’s upcoming beach album. But as the two fell into a deep conversation on this topic, one of them uttered the phrase “some beach.”  Cool and exciting as it may sound, the phrase turned into a song title and the two went on to write its lyrics. While sitting and drinking their coffee, they finished a bunch of the song. They then decided to go to Overstreet’s house and went out and eventually found themselves on a boat. That’s where they finished the rest of the song.

Blake Shelton’s Recording

The newly completed song was kept elsewhere for quite some time, thinking it won’t make a good music. But in 2004, Feek had finally realized the song would be a good fit for then-newcomer Blake Shelton. The singer recorded and released it in 2004 as the second single from his album Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill. Unexpectedly, the song became a chart-topper on the country music chart giving Shelton his third No. 1 song. Feek’s intuition was indeed accurate when he thought of Shelton as the best artist to record the song. And what he and Overstreet first thought as the worst song in the world came out as a blessing. Thanks to Shelton for bringing it as far as the top of the chart.

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Toward the end of the song was a mention of a not-so-good experience of the narrator while visiting a dentist. This, according to Feek, was referenced to Overstreet’s having a terrible toothache at the time they were writing the song. Just recently, Shelton recalled his immortalization of the worst dental visit through his song “Some Beach” as he shared a slightly hysterical post on social media with the caption:


Whether the I’ll Name the Dogssinger recently had an unsatisfactory dental visit or he’s not just having a good Monday afternoon, we hope all is well with him. Besides, he’s got so many reasons to be all smiles given his flourishing career and love life. Below is the music for Shelton’s “Some Beach.” Peter Zavadil directed it.

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