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Featuring Hal Ketchum and “Small Town Saturday Night”

“Small Town Saturday Night” is the title of the debut song by Pat Alger and Hank DeVito. Alger and DeVito wrote the track, while American country music artist Hal Ketchum recorded it. Released in April 1991, it was the first single from Ketchum’s album Past the Point of Rescue. A few months after its release (August 1991), the song occupied the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

At that time, no one knew who Hal Ketchum was because “Small Town Saturday Night” was his first nationwide single. Surprisingly, it was not bad for a debut!

What “Small Town Saturday Night” is About

Some people cannot relate to the song and may think it is uninteresting. However, for people who grew up in or near a small town, they can vividly remember how it felt.  We even close our eyes, sit back and take a trip back to the best time of our life when we listen to this song.

The song is an up-tempo—cheerful, fast, lively music—that describes what occurs on a Saturday night in a small town. The city of New Braunfels, Texas was the sole inspiration for this song. Thinking about it, we are all individual’s with our own likes and dislikes. In one way or another, we all are the same or at least have shared the same wonderful experience. Whether you grew up in a small town in Oklahoma or Pennsylvania, Texas or California, Florida or Minnesota, there is more than one line that made you smile. “Small Town Saturday Night” gives you that evocative feeling.

Lucy’s got her lipstick on a little too bright

Bobby’s getting’ drunk and lookin’ for a fight

Liquor on his breath and trouble on his mind

And Lucy’s just a kid, along for the ride

Got a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine

Gotta be bad just to have a good time

Senor McGuire is the man behind the direction of the music video. “Small Town Saturday Night” premiered in mid-1991. It is entirely in black-and-white. In the video, it shows the singer in a forest, singing beneath a screen showing The Terror of Tiny Town (1938). In the end, a horse dances with the singer.


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Rest in Power Hal Ketchum

Rest in Power Hal Ketchum

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