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The “Home” Stage Collaboration of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton

The “Home” Stage Collaboration of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton 1
Blake and Michael/

The King of Jazz Music and the once Sexiest Man Alive have collaborated to sing their hearts out in “Home.” The song is one of the most acclaimed singles ever penned as it gives an in-depth message and meaning of “home,” “family” and “better-half.” On the other hand, “Home” is considered one of the best songs of all time. It became more sentimental with the voices of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton.

In one of David Foster’s concerts in 2008, Michael Buble and Blake Shelton joined forces to perform “Home.” It can be seen in the video how funny and comedic Michael Buble, David Foster, and Blake Shelton were. They just enjoyed the show altogether. On the other hand, Michael Buble and Blake Shelton were friends even before appearing on the show.

“Home” was originally recorded by Michael Buble in 2005. Then, Blake Shelton made his country style rendition in 2008. Both their interpretations have reached the music lovers all over the world.


Michael Buble along with Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies wrote the words and lyrics of “Home.” It was released in March 2005 from Michael Buble’s album “It’s Time.” Additionally, “Home” was so successful all throughout the world. It even topped different charts.

The “Home” Stage Collaboration of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton 2

On the other hand, Blake Shelton released his cover in February 2008. It was three years after Michael Buble released his. It was part of Blake Shelton’s album “Pure BS.” Due to his rendition, it received a massive response from the country music scene. In fact, it placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The “Home” Stage Collaboration of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton 3
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