October 15

Randy Travis and His Beautiful Rendition of “Above All”

Randy Travis is a great country singer with a lot of country hits on the charts. When his career started to slow down, the singer slowly transitioned to Christian music. This brought him to make a couple of gospel albums that we all know and love today.

Travis’ rendition of “Above All” has a different take on the gospel hymn because of his beautiful baritone voice.

The Sacrifices of the Lord

Jesus became a human being to suffer and die for the sins of the people. This was such a heavy sacrifice by our Lord but He did it so that we could repent from our sins. This is something that we should contemplate all the time. His sacrifices should mean something for us so we should start doing something good with our lives.

randy travis, above all
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Live each day with kindness and happiness. We must honor His name by setting an example towards other people. Once we have done what Jesus Christ had taught us, then we may go back to His home in heaven.

Lyrics Breakdown

You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

The sacrifice of the Lord is something that we should be grateful for. As the song implies, Jesus took the fall for our sins and we must repay it by following his path. We should show kindness towards other people because this is what the Lord expects us to do. We must learn to forgive because this is what He taught us. We must learn to help those who are in need because that is who we are.

These are just a few things that we must remember to do. He made a huge sacrifice for us to live our best lives and we must make use of it to the best of our abilities. Together, let us reflect on our lives with this gospel tune “Above All” which was sung by country legend, Randy Travis. 

Watch Randy Travis’ rendition here:



Randy Travis

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