July 25

Miranda Lambert Eager to Get Back on Track

Most of our local and international artists’ careers are at stake during this season considering their activities always involve tours that require face-to-face human interaction. Miranda Lambert is no exemption, halting her tours for the last straw of precaution.

Now she’s been anxious whether she’ll be able to return to the stage or will be stuck singing in front of a screen for the rest of her career. However, she does enjoy the comfort of her own home with her ever-supportive husband Brendan McLoughlin.

Missing All Her Fans

In some of her interviews, Lambert shared the unsatisfying feeling of doing online concerts for her fans. She admitted that virtual is indeed the go-to of the music industry in this season. She, however, claims that she is not built for performing in front of a screen.

Lambert also noted that the lack of interaction made her miss her fans and their outraging feelings that she feels when performing onstage. These and more are really hard to feel when they are several miles away. To her, being unable to share your musical prowess to your loyal fans could be downright saddening. 

How She Chose to Cope

Miranda Lambert, together with her husband, did something to fill the void of the sudden downfall of her career to try and cope up with the situation. They bought a trailer truck they named ‘The Sheriff’ to hit the road, and even bought a new member of the family, a kitten named Tequila Sunrise. But as of her legacy in the music industry, it has been expected that her hit single “Bluebird” will be conquering the Billboard’s Airplay Country Charts by July 27, hitting #1. 

It may be hard for her to continue her career the way she’d done it before, but right now, she can only observe the fruits growing from her hard work for the last 18 years.

How the Pandemic Affected Socio-Economic Interactions

Coronavirus has taken a pretty big toll on our usual activities. It’s inevitable that we had to sacrifice some of our valuable assets per se, our businesses and careers just to cope up with the safety measures and protocols to avoid the spread of infection. As the number of the infected rises, it’s impossible to say ‘no’ to the halts which the authorities impose. But the question remains, are the assets we’re losing going to be dealt with, or they’re bound to be permanently lost?


Miranda Lambert

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