April 2

George Strait’s Wife Has a Stunning Role in His New Music Video

George Strait is proving his reputation anew with his latest record as the King of Country music. His most recent album is not only packed with unique and satiating tracks but it also comes in a great package. That’s because of the participation of his loved ones in the different tracks. The latest of them to have a stunning role is no other than his better half, Norma, who appears in his newest music video.

In his most recent releases, we’ve seen George’s other family members’ participation. For example, his son Bubba helped him co-wrote the song “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar.” And how can we forget his adorable grandson Harvey who also sang alongside him in “God and Country Music?”

Norma Strait Joins George Strait in New Music Video

George Strait’s wife performs a stunning role in the most recent music video for his new single “Codigo.” They’ve been married for 47 years and she stood by him through thick and thin. She supported him all the way and he considered her his greatest inspiration for his music. But for the first time, she will be stepping into the spotlight to show her utmost support to George. This time, his fans won’t just see her sitting beside George but as a special act in his considered tequila jam.

His first music video since 2009, “Codigo” was released on the same day the album Honky Tonk Time Machine was dropped. The music video is stuffed with fun, drinking, and beautiful Mexican agave farms. But what completes the clip was, of course, the exquisite participation of George’s wife.

In the clip, Norma is seen helping her friends and family pour drinks while her husband croons “Codigo” to everyone and putting smiles on their faces. You can also spot a portion of the video where the couple is dancing. How lovely! Isn’t it?

Now, why don’t you watch the clip below to be fully satisfied? Also, don’t forget to grab your copy of Strait’s latest album for a chance to enjoy his other new records.


George Strait, Norma Strait

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