The undying love of a father is seen in a song recorded by George Strait in 1990. His single “Love Without End, Amen” will move you to tears as you listen to every word in it. What’s truly amazing about this song is how it was written by Aaron Barker.

george strait livin' it up

Photo Credit: George Strait/ Grady E. Adkins/ Getty/ Courtesy of EB Media PR

Story Behind “Love Without End, Amen”

Barker shared to Tennessean how the song came about. It was when his song got into trouble that he wondered if he was doing the right thing to raise him up. His son drove his car and accidentally hit it. He was fine though but one of the car’s wheels hit a brand new Porsche. That was the night he became tough to his son. However, he questioned what he did. He prayed to God to ask for guidance and help.

“But that was the night it really came to the reality that I had to be the dad. I couldn’t just be his friend. And I got on him pretty hard, and he finally went to bed. It was a school night, and I did what I call “getting on my knees and playing.”

George Strait’s Recording

This song struck Strait that’s why he was convinced to record it. It was one of the tracks from his album Livin’ It Up. He released it as a single in the same year, and it hit the top of the country chart. His album also reached the top of the country albums chart. In addition, it also placed at number thirty-five on the Billboard 200.

All About the Song

The song tells the story of a boy who came home after being suspended at school because of what he did. When he told his dad about it, instead of getting mad, the father shared to his son a secret. He said that a father’s love never ends no matter what he has done.

Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love
A secret that my daddy said was just between us
He said daddies don’t just love their children every now and then
It’s a love without end, Amen

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