November 2

“The Rose” By Don Williams Tells Us To Take Chances On Love

Unfortunately, Don Williams’ version of “The Rose” was never released. The original version was recorded by Bette Midler and was used for her first motion picture entitled “The Rose.” The song was written by Amanda McBroom. McBroom revealed her inspiration for writing “The Rose” was the song she heard on the radio, entitled “Magdalena” by Leo Sayer. One of her favorite lines was, “Your love is like a razor.” Bette Midler loved the song, and it changed her life forever.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Song “The Rose” By Don Williams 

The song tells us that love can be painful and that it can leave you feeling hurt and vulnerable in case you have a bad experience with love. On the contrary, if you are one of those people who are happily in love, then you will see love from an entirely different perspective. 

In the song, Amanda revealed that there are a lot of things that you will miss out on if you don’t take chances on love. “It’s the heart afraid of breaking.” At the same time, she also encourages those who lose hope to remain optimistic. She compares love to a river, a razor, and hunger. 

Don Williams had been a great influence on different performers of various genres. One of the best Don Williams Songs is “The Rose.” Some of his songs were also recorded by popular singers such as Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and many more.

Don Williams is popularly known as “The Gentle Giant” due to his smooth bass-baritone voice. Aside from being an American country singer, Williams was also a 2010 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee and a songwriter. In 1971, Williams started singing solo. Throughout his career, he was able to obtain 17 number 1 country hits. Don Williams’ rendition of “The Rose” was so unique that it touched the hearts of many people.

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