July 16

Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry has a New Infidelity Song; Ex-Husband Fires Back

The Band Perry has recently made the headlines about their sizzling new song that is allegedly about infidelity, according to their frontwoman Kimberly Perry. To put the cherry on top, Perry’s ex-husband, former MLB player J.P Arencibia, is firing back at the allegations.

The Band Perry, The, Band, Perry, Arenciba
via The Band Perry’s Official Facebook Page

The Band Perry’s New Single vs Arencibia’s Statement

On Thursday, the 11th of July, the sibling trio dropped a song entitled “The Good Life.” A lot of fans have noticed that the lyrics are strikingly similar to how a scorched lover throws major shade on her ex.

The Band Perry, The, Band, Perry, Arenciba
via The Band Perry’s Official Facebook Page

Meanwhile, on The Band Perry’s social media pages, Perry explained that the song was indeed based on the infidelity that she experienced where she has learned that her self-worth is not determined by one person or their actions.

“I want you to know that this song was written during a toxic and incredibly difficult time in my life, but I’m singing it to you now with the voice of a woman who has completely regained a strong sense of self, rebuilt her womanhood, and is grateful to have learned so much.”

Neither the song nor the post in length directly referenced Arencibia, but it was obvious that he clearly took the song as a direct jab at him. He turned to Instagram as well to post a scathing reply.

“It’s sad that at 36 years of age today, a person would try to revive a dying career with click bait. Well, here’s just a little taste of reality to a woman and family that are not in touch with it … swipe left.”

He has since deleted the post and has issued a formal statement denying the allegations.

“While matters of our relationship and what led to the demise of our marriage should remain between us, I will say there was no infidelity. It’s a shame that all of this is now being made up to promote an album, I have moved on and hopefully one day she can as well.”

Perry’s split with husband and former professional baseball player J.P Arencibia in 2018 shocked fans after the couple have been married for almost four years.

The Band Perry, The, Band, Perry, Arenciba
via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Shortly after the announcement of their divorce, Perry released a short statement on her Instagram account.

“Yes, sadly it’s true, my marriage has come to an end. I know that beauty will come from these ashes and, as always, I want to thank you all for your love and support. I’ll be in touch soon.”


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