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Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me” Will Break Your Heart Again


Keith Urban earned the Best Male Country Vocal Performance in the 48th Grammy Awards with the track “You’ll Think of Me.” In its official music video, Keith portrayed pain, betrayal, and hope. Surely,  it relates to any person who has experienced heartbreak. 

A Song of Pain, Betrayal, and Hope

keith urban
Photo grabbed from Keith Urban’s Official Facebook Page

Imagine feeling devastated, lost and alone. “It hurts but I have to move on.” Does this line ring a bell? We definitely said this to ourselves after a break-up but we all know what happens after this phase, we get up and move on with our life.

This is the exact scenario portrayed in the song. As we close our eyes, we reminisce memories that give raw emotions of a brokenhearted. However, at the end of the day, after all the brokenness and pain, we try our best to get up and do ourselves a favor by moving on.  Which in this case, most people can relate to it.

Lyrics Debate

keith urban
Photo Credit: Keith Urban’s Official Facebook Page

When the song was released in 2002, the fans had this debate about the lyrics that go “ take your cat/cap and leave my sweater.” The fans were not really sure whether it was a cap or a cat. In a conversation to clarify the lyrics, Bobby Bones (the host of the Bobby Bones Show) messaged Keith Urban.

 “Is it cap or cat officially. Take my cap or cat

asked Bones. Keith immediately answered

“Cat…. Ultimately he always HATED that damn cat.”

He also shared a video on twitter showing his cat and a thumbs up. And the debate has been settled-

take your cat and leave my sweater.”

Watch the best live performance of the song here:

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