May 22

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Promote New Single, The Fighter



The Fighter, one of the amazing songs in Keith Urban’s latest album, Ripcord, made its successful debut in February of this year. Opening the Grammy Awards on February 12, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood’s video took off with Urban strumming the opening riff on his electric guitar. It was followed by a perfectly timed and choreographed dance shortly after she gets off the bus and walks down the street.

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Then, Carrie shows up for the song’s chorus, where she exchanges the lines, ‘What if I fall?’. Keith Urban confidently and wittingly responds with the next line, ‘I won’t let you fall’ to his fellow country singer. Feeding off of each other’s flirty vibe, their chemistry overflowed and the result is a highly engaging performance. In the song’s second verse, the two country artists turn up the volume and continue to bask the stage in their undeniable chemistry. People were also pleasantly surprised that Carrie Underwood could bust such serious dance moves and really lose her sways and body so elegantly to the beat and tempo of the music.

The audience really enjoyed the entire performance and both Underwood and Urban did a terrific job and getting the song’s mood and message across. It was infectious, it was bright, it was thoroughly uplifting. It awakened the hearts of those who were watching and made everybody think of that one person they would be willing to get into the arena of life and fight to the death for.

Everybody knows that Keith Urban wrote the song The Fighter with his loving wife, Nicole Kidman in mind. The duo accurately portrayed the song’s endearing meaning. On the other hand, Carrie Underwood shared that the song is a ‘dance-y type song’  and it will definitely ‘get stuck in your head in a good way’, in an interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Grammy’s red carpet.

Keith Urban added that he realized it had been quite a while since he encountered a song that featured a call-and-response conversation between a girl and a guy. The idea occurred to the singer while he was commuting and heard a duet between Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth. In an instant, he was inspired to write the piece with songwriter and producer, Busbee. Upon Urban’s arrival at Kensaltown, Busbee kick-started building the track as Keith strummed the chords. Busbee also sang the female part in falsetto as the placeholder.

Carrie and Keith’s voices blended perfectly together in an unforgettable interpretation of a song that speaks about the desire to help, heal, and protect someone you love. Urban further shared,

“It’s a song about helping to heal and protect someone you love. It’s a song about reassurance that you’ll always be there to take the blows the world can throw. Carrie and I had sung together before, and I thought our voices blended really well—so she was unquestionably the right choice. It was such a relief that she wanted to do it.”


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