December 28

Listen To The Compelling Message Of Alison Krauss’ “There Is A Reason” 

In 1997, Alison Krauss, along with her band the Union Station, released the bluegrass album, So Long So Wrong, which signaled the country band’s shift from a bluegrass-centered appeal to the hallmark post-grass, more adult contemporary influences, a popular sound that further cemented their name in the music industry. In here, you will find the wonderful gospel “There Is A Reason.”

As always, Alison Krauss‘ musicianship is superb, and her voice positively shimmers over the song’s compelling message.

The Hard Times Definitely Come With A Reason

Written by Ron Block, “There Is A Reason” is a quiet, reflective piece about trusting Jesus and finding the silver lining amidst a difficult and unpleasant situation. After all, Jesus is a fortress in the storm.

“The love that shed His blood for all the world to see. This must be the reason for it all,” the song goes. It’s truly amazing how Alison Krauss’ angelic voice demonstrated the song to its fullest.

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While “There Is A Reason” did not make it to any charts, So Long So Wrong was met with favorable reviews – with Country Standard Time calling it “a beautiful, delicate recording.” In addition to “There Is A Reason,” other songs by Alison Krauss found in the album are “Find My Way Back to My Heart,” “Looking in the Eyes of Love,” and “Blue Trail of Sorrow.”

Now, you can relish the beautiful message of “There Is A Reason” by Alison Krauss by playing the video below.


Alison Krauss, Union Station

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