January 9

Watch Michael Bublé And Blake Shelton’s Tearjerking Duet Of “Home”

If you haven’t heard Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton’s duet performance of Bublé’s hit 2005 single “Home,” then you’re definitely missing out on something incredible. 

In 2008, David Foster delivered a one-night-only concert at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Center, featuring a jukebox of his hits and live performances from his famous friends. Among those invited friends was one of his favorite people in the world, Michael Bublé

The singer’s segment started with an adorable banter with Foster. According to the musician-composer, Bublé was trying to look a lot like him, which drew a laugh from the singer and the audience. Foster continued, “Or am I trying to look like you?” Bublé then confirmed that it was the first and even complimented Foster, saying he had a “Pierce Brosnan-Liberace thing” going on that he liked a lot. 

If anyone’s not familiar, Pierce Brosnan is an Irish actor who once played the suave, sophisticated spy James Bond. Liberace, on the other hand, was a prodigious talent known for his flamboyant style and showmanship. So, in response, Foster did a very short but impressive piano performance.

After that, Bublé went serious and asked if he could dedicate the song he would be singing to someone – who apparently was Foster’s daughter and his co-writer for some of his hit songs, including his song of the night, “Home.” He also mentioned that Amy was his future wife, which was a joke – to anyone who didn’t catch it

The two laughed, and then Foster started playing “Home.” To his surprise, the singer sang differently from how he used to. So, he stopped playing and asked him what he was doing. Bublé then answered, “country home.” Foster then suggested that there was someone in attendance who could perfectly fit that. 

Then, they welcomed Blake Shelton on stage. Shelton covered the song in 2008, and was also a hit. 

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The original singer opened the duet, and Shelton took over the next line. As one commenter said, Bublé sang the song like he longed to go home, while Shelton sounded more hopeful. Another said, “Michael sounds like Mozart and Blake like Beethoven. The first one lights up your mind, the second warms your soul. A musical speedball together.”

It was definitely a magical performance that will make you cry. That said, catch Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton’s viral performance “Home” in the video below. 


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