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15 Alison Krauss Songs: The Best Ones From Her Award-Winning Catalog

With the combination of her silky vocals and admirable skills as a fiddler, Alison Krauss songs have helped the genre of bluegrass reach a new audience.

The central Illinois native – who is known for giving bluegrass a tinge of folk and country accents – was instantly acclaimed from the beginning of her career in 1987. Since then, the world witnessed her transformation from being a child prodigy to a multitalented, remarkable, and diverse artist, who has released some of the best tunes the country radio ever played.

With that in mind, let’s take a look back at some of Alison Krauss‘ greatest hits.

1. “When You Say Nothing at All”

From: Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection (1995)

When Krauss’ version of Keith Whitley’s “When You Say Nothing at All” was included on a tribute album to Whitley, it started receiving unsolicited airplay that her record label decided to release it to country radio. It became Krauss’ first solo top 10 country hit.

2. “Now That I’ve Found You”

From: Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection (1995)

Even though Krauss’ version of “Now That I’ve Found You” only peaked at No. 49 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, it sold more than two million copies – making it a double-platinum hit.

3. “Whiskey Lullaby”

From: Brad Paisley’s Mud on the Tires (2003)

Paisley enlisted Krauss for a tear-jerking duet about a couple emotionally wrecked by the end of their relationship. 

The sad song, “Whiskey Lullaby,” was written by two of the greatest men in country music, Bill Anderson and Jon Randall.

4. “Please Read the Letter”

From: Raising Sand (2007)

In 2007, Krauss collaborated with rock singer Robert Plant for the Grammy-award winning album, Raising Sand. And one of the best tracks on that record was their duet of “Please Read the Letter,” which Plant described as “a song about yearning for someone.” 

It took home the Record of the Year award during the 2009 Grammy Awards.

5. “Ghost in This House”

From: Forget About It (1999)

Originally released by the country music group Shenandoah, Krauss recorded her version of “Ghost in This House” almost a decade later – introducing a new generation of fans to Shenandoah’s classic at the same time showcasing her angelic voice that’s perfect for such a haunting track. 

6. “Maybe”

From: Forget About It (1999)

Kraus definitely knows what it’s like to get your heart broken after a terrible breakup, and she brought those sad emotions in her relatable ballad called “Maybe.” It remains the singer’s most underrated tune after failing to enter the country chart.

7. “Looking In The Eyes Of Love”

From: So Long So Wrong (1997)

Another Grammy-winning song by Krauss, the singer delivered every bit of emotion that songwriters Kostas and Tricia Walker set into writing the song. 

8. “So Long So Wrong”

From: So Long So Wrong (1997)

While most breakup songs sing about rekindling a relationship or moving onto another, it looks like Krauss is quitting this loveless union. The heartbreaking song is the title track to her third studio album, and it finds Krauss in the middle of a relationship that has since lost its desire and excitement.

9. “Paper Airplane”

From: Paper Airplane (2011)

After a seven-year hiatus, Krauss came back in the most dramatic and beautiful form. She released “Paper Airplane” as the lead single and title track to her 2011 studio album, which then topped the country album chart – the first No. 1 album of her career.

10. “Longest Highway” 

From: I’ve Got That Old Feeling (1990)

Krauss’ I’ve Got That Old Feeling album was one of the highlights of her career as it showcased her incredible skill in blending bluegrass, country, and pop – and the closing track, “Longest Highway,” is one great example of that.

11. “I’ve Got That Old Feeling”

From: I’ve Got That Old Feeling (1990)

Not only did “I’ve Got That Old Feeling” showcased Krauss’ vocal prowess during the start of her career, but it also highlighted her talent on the fiddle. She may only be a teenager at that time, but many can tell that her skills will take her far.

This song won Best Bluegrass Recording during the 1991 Grammy Awards. 

12. “Steel Rails”

From: I’ve Got That Old Feeling (1990)

Also from her 1990 album, Krauss’ incredible take on the wistful lyrics of “Steel Rails” is a mark of what’s about to come for the young artist. The song finds Krauss comparing her new journey as a single woman to a train gliding down the track without turning back.

13. “Baby Mine”

From: The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney (1996)

“Baby Mine” was originally a part of the 1941 Disney animated film Dumbo. Five decades later, Krauss recorded the song for the compilation album featuring country artists singing Disney tracks. 

Her version earned a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

14. “Endless Highway”

From: I’ve Got That Old Feeling (1990)

This list would never be complete without “Endless Highway,” which Krauss delivered with the right amount of longing and desire.

15. “I Never Cared For You”

From: Windy City (2017)

Krauss’ rendition of this country classic written and originally recorded by Willie Nelson shows that there is still so much fire in Krauss’s vocal style, making the song one of the highlights of her 2017 album.

Check Out More of Alison Krauss Songs That Caught Country Fans’ Attention

Here are some more of Kraus’s songs that never fail to impress.

  • “Every Time You Say Goodbye”
  • “The Lucky One”
  • “Let Me Touch You for Awhile”
  • “Down to the River to Pray”
  • “New Fool”
  • “Dusty Miller”
  • “Goodbye Is All We Have Left”
  • “It’s Goodbye and So Long To You”
  • “Losing You”
  • “You Don’t Know Me”

How about you? Which among Alison Krauss songs sunk deeply in your heart?


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