Are you fond of watching creepy movies? Do you like it when the thrill gets on? Do you want to know the ending right away that you stay and watch every detail of the scene?

What about a song? Have you already heard a creepy song, and loved it at the same time? Listening to this Alison Krauss’ “Ghost In This House” gives me both the horror and surprise. I think of all the people living alone, without anyone to take care of them. However, the lyrics apply to both a loss from a break-up, and death. 

Alison Krauss’ "Ghost in This House",A Painful and Tragic Story 1

“Ghost in This House”, Song Standing

The lyrics of “Ghost in This House” came from Hugh Prestwood. The country music group, Shenandoah recorded it and was released in September 1990 as the second single from their album Extra Mile. In December 1990, the song reached Top 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Alison Krauss and The Dixie Chicks have their own version of the song. In 2016, Kelsea Ballerini presented it in the Grand Ole Opry. The latest and newest performance of the song so far was from contestant Lauren Duski on The Voice in May 2017.

It was covered by Alison Krauss on her 1999 album Forget About It. It features scenes of a woman drifting all alone in her house, alternated with scenes of Shenandoah’s lead singer, Marty Raybon, crooning in a room with only the minimal daylight. At the end of the video, the woman leaves her house.

Lyrical Interpretation

I’m all that’s left of two hearts on fire,
That once burned out of control.
You took my body and soul,
I’m just a ghost in this house.

The song well combines something wonderful and something painful and heartbreaking, making it irresistible. The lyrics featured above haunt me the most. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, then you must know how it feels. Some lyrics speak about the ghost that sits in your chair and lays his head on your pillow at night. The even upturned musical approach to this ghostly tale brings about excitement to keep you listening mainly for the story it tells.

Of course, Alison Krauss owns the style that stabs you through as they play this sorrowful and haunting song.

The story of loss and solitude affects you and you are left feeling the agony that this woman lives with.

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