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Thomas Rhett and Dad Rhett Akins sing together “That Ain’t My Truck”

Probably one of the most classic country music duos, Thomas Rhett and Dad Rhett Akins pull off not just the best father and son duo but also a powerhouse country singer duo. Although the more recent fans know the song to be one of Thomas Rhett songs, the song was originally sung by his father.

When seeing Thomas Rhett and Dad Rhett Akins sing together “That Ain’t My Truck”, it’s hard to imagine that it is a song shared by father and son since it talks about the youthful disappointment of loving someone who loves someone else.

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Looking at the success of Thomas Rhett and Dad Rhett Akins, it’s clear how one’s love for country music transcends generations and when the son decided to embark on his music career, support wasn’t too far.

The song was originally written by Rhett Akins, Chris Waters, and Tom Shapiro and was released back in 1995. This was one of the memorable songs people would think of when they thought of the country singer.

The passionate but also painful lyrics of the song talk about a young man already aware of his bitter fate but chooses to stay positive as he gives his love a choice. By the end of the night, the man is on the losing end of the relationship as he spots another man’s truck parked in her driveway.

The young Rhett Akins appeared in the music video showing a hopeful demeanor waiting for love to either make his night or crush his day. “That Aint’ My Truck” was well received as a heartbreak anthem during its peak until the song resurfaced performed by the singers’ son, Thomas Rhett.

Aside from the nostalgia, the song brings whenever his son sings the classic, something amazing happened at the Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA on April 15, 2016 during the Thomas Rhett Fan Jam. The father and son sang the song together, which echoed a tradition to be repeated in 2018 at another gig.

The heartbreak anthem was brought back to life by the son and the performance was elevated even more when Thomas Rhett and dad Rhett Akins sing together “That Ain’t My Truck” live in front of an audience familiar with the classic country song. Although the song was written a couple of years from today, it still resonates with a lot of listeners of this generation.

The beauty of this song is in the simplicity of its lyrics, as it paints a very literal situation while screaming out the exact words you might say in the same situation. The upbeat melody is what keeps the song from being taken heavily.

The reason behind the success of this song is that, like other Thomas Rhett songs, it doesn’t have to be appreciated alone but can also be appreciated with friends as a true heartbreak anthem. There are only a number of painful songs that can be sung in chorus or as a duet. 

When Thomas Rhett and dad Rhett Akins sang the song, it was clear that the song was beautifully crafted and able to withstand the test of time. The song was able to sit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts for 21 weeks peaking at number 3 during mid-1995.

The classic father and son duo of one of the most popular heartbreak anthems that can be seen with Thomas Rhett and dad Rhett Akins sing together “That Ain’t My Truck” live in the video below:


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