Allison Young is an up and coming artist who is also a YouTuber. Her recent video of singing Patsy Cline‘s classic hit caught my attention and I can’t stop but admire her voice.

Oftentimes, we hear country music fans complain about the younger generation not knowing classic country music. Well, this is not the case for Allison as she showed her admiration for Patsy Cline in her performance.

Allison Young Sings “I Fall to Pieces”

Allison Young is a small YouTuber and she only started posting videos of her singing two years ago. Her cover of Patsy’s “I Fall to Pieces” is her first country music cover. To me, she captured the essence of Cline’s voice with her sweet tone and beautiful voice. We all know that Patsy is the queen of heartbreak songs, so singing with emotions is a must when doing her songs.

Allison was able to justify her cover by not overdoing the song. She is simply singing it to her fans with her guitar. It was not a high-production performance that is why it was a perfect rendition. She was able to bring out the right emotion that the song needed from her.

Allison Young as an Artist

The singer is yet to be discovered but we hope she can do more music for the years to come. Her style is so refreshing to see especially that she is from the ‘young generation’ of artists. Her type of music is also that of the classic singers and maybe that is why she chose to do a cover of “I Fall to Pieces.”

Of course, no one could ever come close to the way that Patsy sang the song, but Allison was able to put her own brand of music in her performance. Check it out.

Watch Allison Young’s ‘I Fall To Pieces’ performance here: