It’s no wonder that country artists have their own liquor brands because country music and drinking goes hand in hand. It’s not a big surprise that many country music’s biggest acts are getting to the liquor industry. Here are country artists who have their own liquor brands.

Darius Rucker

The owner of Backstage Southern Whiskey is Darius Rucker. It’s only fitting for him to develop the said brand because of his nightly rituals of whiskey whenever he’s on the road. The 84.3 proof liquor is available in South Carolina and will be expanding into other states soon. This is a good news for bourbon lovers, Darius is working on releasing the forbidden Bourbon with Castle and Key Distillery in Kentucky.

Florida Georgia Line

Old Camp brand represents Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard‘s home states peach-pecan flavor and smooth taste. They said that old camp whiskey is for non-whiskey drinker and there is a little bit of Florida and a little bit of Georgia in every sip.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is the big name behind Smithworks Vodka. Shelton’s vision for the brand is to represent the simple things in life. The vodka is finished and bottled in Fort Smith, Ark.

Jake Owen

Photo Credits: Facebook/Beach Whiskey

Putting beach and whiskey together, Jake Owens brings Beach Whiskey. The whiskey has two different flavors: Island Coconut and Bonfire Cinnamon. Both perfectly named for hot summer days or cool nights “beachin’”

Toby Keith

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Everybody knows what Toby Keith has been drinking in that red solo cup. He is actually  hoping to fill a void in America’s alcohol market with Mezcal. The Mexican liquor is frequently referred to as tequila’s cousin. Keith’s Wild Shot Mezcal is made from green agave, whereas tequila comes from blue. Every bottle of Wild Shot comes with a worm, actually, no, it’s not just for decoration.

Willie Nelson

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Back in 1970, Willie Nelson had a hit song “Whiskey River” Now, he has his own whiskey brand named after the hit song. Each bottle of Old Whiskey River uses grains soured by independently-owned family farms and series up a guitar pick with every bottle.

Kenny Chesney

Blue Chair Bay is the signature rum collection of Kenny Chesney and carries the most variety of all country artist’s brands. Eight flavors of rum come in bottles just as colorful as the drinks you can make with them. Grab a bottle and lean back in a chair on the beach with no shirt, no shoes and no problems.

We enjoy these brands of liquor from these great country artist. Cheers to country liquor for country people!