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Ronnie Milsap Tells Us How “A Woman In Love” Behaves

There lies a mystery when a woman is in love. You’ll never get what she wants or how she feels. It is something difficult to figure out, but once you do, you’ll get what she really wants.

Ronnie Milsap expressed his thoughts about this situation in his song “A Woman In Love.” This is his last song to reach number one of the Billboard country chart in 1989. Do not confuse this with the song “A Woman in Love” by Frank Loesser in 1955 or by Barbara Streisand’s single, “Woman In Love.”

Ronnie Milsap
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The People Behind “A Woman In Love”

Ronnie Milsap’s single was written by Curtis Wright and Doug Millet in 1989. The song was released as a single in the same year the album was released. The songwriter (Wright) was a former member of Vern Gosdin’s band. Millet gave Wright an idea of what song they were about to write, but he wasn’t interested in writing the topic. However, he eventually wrote the song with Millett.

About the Song

The song “A Woman In Love” is told from the perspective of a man. He noticed that when a woman is in love, they act in a confusing way. She can act in ways you will never understand.

She’s a lady, she’s a child

She’ll make you crazy, she’ll drive you wild

Do you give in or do you just give up

You never know with a woman in love

If you don’t get her or you’re not patient enough to tolerate her, then you might give up on her. Maybe that’s how you’ll know if she loves you because she acts crazy in a way that is only for you.


Ronnie Milsap’s Album

Milsap’s single was part of his nineteenth studio album Stranger Things Have Happened. The album was released in February 1989. It included ten songs, some were original recording while others are song covers. The album reached number twenty on both the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and the Canadian chart. Furthermore, three more singles from his album entered the country chart of the Billboard (“Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me),” “Houston Solution,” and “Stranger Things Have Happened”).


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