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Meet The Band Perry Members: Who are they?

The Band Perry members first shot to fame 11 years ago with their second single, “If I Die Young,” which has now earned over 212 million views on YouTube and achieved seven-time Platinum status. Not to mention that this song also gave them smashing success in awards shows. Ever since then, the trio of siblings – Kimberly, Reid, and Neil – turned from a country band to one of country music’s most promising acts. 

Let’s get to know more about them and where they are now in life. And also finally answer the question: What happened to The Band Perry?

Kimberly Perry

The eldest of the Perry siblings, Kimberly Marie Perry, was born on July 12, 1983 in Jackson, Mississippi, to parents Marie Perry and Charles Stephen Perry. Kimberly was into music at a very young age, and as a teen, she already started singing for her own band, with her brothers Reid and Neil working as roadies. And before they became The Band Perry themselves, Kimberly already released an EP titled “Carry On.” They united as The Band Perry in 2005, where Kimberly was the lead vocalist and guitarist. 

In 2012, she met former MLB player J.P. Arencibia. On September 30, 2013, the two got engaged after Arencibia proposed in an after-event reception held at Kimberly’s parents’ home. Finally, the couple tied the knot in Greenville, Tennessee, following an eight-month-long engagement. Sadly, after four years of marriage, the two finally called it quits, with Kimberly filing for divorce. She then turned to music as her therapy from the pain, and the band continued to release songs until their short hiatus before their shift in musical direction from country pop to electric-pop. 

With The Band Perry songs achieving success and popularity, Kimberly Perry is now valued at an estimated net worth of $2.4 million. 

Reid Perry

Reid Hogan Perry arrived in the family five years later on November 17, 1988. He and his younger brother Neil used to work as roadies and an opening act known as Mobile Music Machines for their sister Kimberly. When he formed The Band Perry with Kimberly and Neil in 2005, he became the band’s bassist. 

Aside from news of his emergency appendectomy in 2017, the bassist did not have any other headlines. And it looks like he is still single until now. While he may not be as popular as his sister, he is still valued at around $1 million. 

Neil Perry

The youngest of The Band Perry members, Neil Perry, was born on July 23, 1990. He started music at the age of 8, working with his older brother Reid. He and Reid used to be Kimberly’s opening acts before they finally became The Band Perry, where he became the band’s drummer. But aside from the drums, the talented Neil also plays the mandolin and the accordion. Neil is also a composer known for his works on films including Lost Highway (1997), The Groomsmen (2006), and American Hardcore (2006). 


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