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“You Can Always Come Home:” A Song Inspired by Jackson’s Experience

Home is where we find comfort, peace, and love. Home is also defined as a family to whom we run to in times of life’s downfall. Our parents have been our protector in life. They were our first teacher who has taught us how to walk, smile and talk. As we grow older, we realize the things they have done for us. The great sacrifices they have made to provide our needs and wants. Although sometimes we might misunderstand them, in the end, they still love us.

You Can Always Come Home

As a child, it is our obligation to give back the favor given by our parents. Their great sacrifices are treasured as they get older because, without it, we are not the person we are now. As we continue chasing our dreams, we must not forget the persons who supported us in our way and they are no other than our parents. In line with this is the song “You Can Always Come Home.”

“You Can Always Come Home”

It is a deep ballad song written by Alan Jackson. The song was released in July 2015 as a single from his album, Angles and Alcohol. This album was produced by Keith Stegall.

You Can Always Come Home. Alan Jackson
Via Alan Jackson’s Facebook Page

According to Jackson, this song was inspired by his personal experience. He shared that as her daughter went to college and be away from him, he remembered the day he moved to Nashville.

“It just reminded me of, when I came to Nashville, I didn’t know anything about it. It was a big move, and it was scary, and everybody thought we were crazy.”

Jackson’s father’s words remain with him as he became a father.

“He didn’t discourage me from going [to Nashville] or anything,” the singer recalled, “but he said, ‘You can always come home. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come back.’ And it’s true.”

He shared that the life of a parent is their children. No matter how old they become, they still want to take care of their children like they did before.

“When you’re a parent, if you have kids, [no matter] how old they are, you’re always going to take them in and take care of them, or whatever, so they always feel like they have a net,” Jackson continued. “And so, when (second daughter) Allie left to go out there, I wrote this song, and that’s kind of what it’s about, really.”

Listen to Alan Jackson’s “You Can Always Come Home” below:


Alan Jackson

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