January 19

Cam & Diplo’s Country Hit Song “So Long”: A Crash Course on Love & Moving On

The well-known country singer Cam and American Producer Diplo agreed to work together on a new studio hit in 2019 called “So Long.”

The song’s infectious groove helped it to appear on two music charts, peaking at number 26 on the “US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard)” and number 34 on the “New Zealand Hot Singles (RMNZ)” charts.

Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name Diplo, is a well-known DJ and producer who has worked with various musicians on his hits, including Europa and his first studio album, LSD, which he co-produced with Sia and Labrinth.

Contrary to popular belief, Diplo didn’t start his career loving country. Instead, he was first inspired by local rappers, which helped him develop the distinctive production style that sets him apart from other musicians today. 

Listeners should surely watch for additional Diplo releases as he still intends to dabble with more country music projects in the future. But for now, let’s just dive into one of his greatest hits, “So Long,” from the story behind the song to its resonating meaning. 

Meaning Behind the Song

This song, written by Thomas Wesley Pentz, explores a couple’s desire to develop a close relationship with each other. Sadly, their relationship seems to gradually suffer due to the obvious conflict between their demand for independence. 

In addition, it also talks about the bewilderment and pain that come with losing a loved one and the difficulty in moving on and finding closure. This subject undoubtedly speaks to a large number of individuals worldwide. 

In addition to its compelling message, the song also has Diplo’s trademark computer wobbles mixed into a classic country tune. The song’s laid-back structure gives the DJ plenty of creative freedom in case he wants to tweak some parts while still preserving the country feel. 

Moreover, Cam’s endearing voice is also something we must discuss. The way she builds the arguments in the lyrics by incorporating his mellow yet husky voice produces a haunting melody that has struck listeners’ minds.

With that said, both Cam and Diplo’s artistry in their craft is definitely showcased in this song. So, if you want to listen to “So Long,” you can do so below. 


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