May 17

“I’ve Always Been Crazy” is Waylon Jennings’ Personal Declaration. Here’s Why!

In 1978, Waylon Jennings set his sixth No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart as a solo artist when he released “I’ve Always Been Crazy” – the first single and title track from his 1978 album. By the time the record was released, the title had already spent three weeks on the top of the country chart – where it had remained for three weeks, spending a total of thirteen weeks.

Written by Waylon Jennings himself, “I’ve Always Been Crazy” was like his personal declaration – proclaiming that it was never his intention to hurt any person, at the same time admitting that being silly has all this time protecting him from going totally insane. 

The Luckenbach, Texas singer further revealed that the song began as a bit of a waltz. However, during the recording, Jennings flicked through his stash of drugs and had himself absolutely messed up – he ended up recording it as an upbeat, up-tempo rocker. As a result, the song came out absolutely different than what it’s supposed to be, but Jennings believed it’s one of the reasons why it became such a big hit!

And despite being high on drugs, Jennings was still able to come up with some deep and thoughtful lyrics in the song’s new version. This includes his all-time favorite line among all he has ever penned – “I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone.”

However, one person might beg to disagree – and that’s Jennings’ trumpet player. Before the song was edited, the original track was actually more than eight minutes long. Jennings had the poor man play all the way through that his lips were terribly swollen after the session. The trumpet player left the studio, and Jennings never saw him again. And what’s even worse is that after all his hard work, only a few seconds of it was used on the record.

Clearly, this is one of the most memorable Waylon Jennings songs. You can listen to “I’ve Always Been Crazy” in the video below.


Waylon Jennings

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