June 8

Gaither Vocal Band’s “Home”: Surely, A Dream Place for All

Gaither Vocal Band's "Home": Surely, A Dream Place for All 1
Gaither Vocal Band | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

The proverb, “Home is where the heart is” originated from Gaius Plinius Secundus, a Roman philosopher better known as Pliny the Elder. This old adage has been used since time immemorial. Nowadays, we often read this line posted on social media by those who just came home after being away for a while, or by people who consider the happiness found in the presence of their loved ones at home as something beyond compare. Today, let’s talk about another source from which we could find this line. It’s a song called “Home” by the Gaither Vocal BandThe common saying serves as the song’s opening line. From there, a sense of affection and belongingness is felt instantly.

Home is where the heart is, my heart’s own home

Surely, each one of us desires to have a home where we can take refuge at all times. But, the home which the song refers to here is not the one we have on earth. It’s a lot more than that. Hence, it should be our ultimate goal to reach that place one day.

Everybody’s True Home

Seemingly, the home that is being presented in this song refers to heaven. There, we can have all the beautiful things more than our home on earth could give us. As it was described, that “home is so much more than windows, walls, and doors.” If here on earth those aspects of our house are the ones we usually see, in heaven, it’s the warm embrace and smiling faces awaiting us” that matter the most. Hence, one’s entry there would be one of a kind. The following lines confirm what else we could experience in our home in heaven.

Home, where there is no night
Home, where the Son is the light
The place I’ve been dreaming of so long

And when we finally arrived home, it’s not only our loved ones who will be there to meet us but also Jesus, wearing His sweet smile. In fact, it’s Him who’ll be the first we can see. That really sounds exciting, right? Thus, as the song ended, when our journey is over, we are going home.

Listen to the band’s lovely performance of the song below.

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