array(0) { } Six-Year-Old Cowboy Cash Singleton rocks Kentucky Opry with “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

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Six-Year-Old Cowboy Cash Singleton rocks Kentucky Opry with “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

Your Cheatin' Heart cover by Cash Singleton

When it comes to talent, six-year-old Cash Singleton proved that age doesn’t matter. Walking out that stage in the 2016 Kentucky Opry in a true-blue gritty cowboy ensemble, complete with his boots, hat, and cowboy attitude, Cash stole the hearts of the audience in his rendition of “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” a song originally recorded by country music star Hank Williams in 1952. 

Like a seasoned performer, Cash was nothing short of impressive. When he began to sing, his “macho” rendition made it clear that he had a voice that went beyond his years. As he sang the lyrics to the song, each note was heartwarming and he captured the essence of the song because of his sincerity and pure emotion.

One other thing that made him steal the show was his impressive stage presence. At his tender age, Cash Singleton was a confident young man, delivering a polished performance that left audiences captivated. 

How natural Cash was on stage demonstrated that he put the song lyrics of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” to heart, breathing new life into a classic song that country music fans have loved for generations. When his performance came to an end, the audience roared with applause. 

Again, here we see how music transcends age and always has the power to connect people across time through a shared song, “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” For Cash Singleton, well, this performance just made him the biggest teenage heartthrob on the music scene as a 6-year-old!

Watch Cash Singleton’s infectious performance of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” in the video below.