January 28

“Look Heart, No Hands:” A Song About Falling in Love By Randy Travis

Love is such a beautiful thing. It makes you feel like it’s a roller coaster ride where you feel the excitement and like how it makes you feel. However, there are times when love seems to be difficult to manage. Despite the ups and downs in love, in the end it makes everything worth it.

“Look Heart, No Hands” Chart Performance

Country singer Randy Travis expresses the beauty of love in his song “Look Heart, No Hands.” He released the song from his album as a single in 1992. As a result, it went straight up to number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, Travis secured the number one spot on the Canadian Country chart in the same year.

Randy Travis with his guitar
Photo Credit: Randy Travis/ Official Facebook Page

The Song’s Content

“Look Heart, No Hands” is a love song about a man telling how happy he felt being with the woman he loves. He compliments here and thanks her for how she made him feel every time she’s around. He compares the feeling of love like when you ride a bicycle without using your hands to control it.

On one hand I count the reasons I could stay with you

And hold you close to me, all night long.

So many lover’s games I could play with you

And on that hand I see no reason why it’s wrong

The Compilation Album

Travis’ single came from his compilation album Greatest Hits, Volume 2. The album was released in 1992 together with its first part Greatest Hits, Volume 1. Both albums were platinum-certified by RIAA, and both entered the chart. His Greatest Hits Volume 2 secured the number twenty spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, it placed at number sixty-seven on the Billboard 200. Greatest Hits, Volume 2 contains eight songs that were previously recorded and three newly recorded songs.

Check out this lovely single from Travis’ last platinum-certified album.


Randy Travis

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