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Fans Were Treated To A Surprise When Alan Jackson’s Daughter Joined Him On Stage To Sing “You’ll Always Be My Baby”

Alan Jackson’s “You’ll Always Be My Baby” will always be a nostalgic and sentimental song for the singer. After all, he penned it specifically for his daughters’ marriages. It was a recollection of childhood milestones and assurances that no matter what happens, they will always be their father’s baby. 

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He first played the song for his father-daughter dance when his eldest daughter Mattie married assistant district attorney Ben Selecman in 2017. He then recorded the song for his 2021 album entitled Where Have You Gone for fans to play at their weddings. Another track that he wrote for his daughters that was included in the same album was “I Do,” which he wrote for his second daughter Ali’s wedding. Ali married Sam Bradshaw in July of 2020, and their stunning wedding was even featured on the cover of the popular wedding magazine Inside Weddings

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And just last October 8, 2021, Alan Jackson surprised fans with a very heartwarming treat. During his stage at his concert in Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, he invited his daughter Ali Jackson Bradshaw on stage to sing “You’ll Always Be My Baby” with him. Ali was definitely at ease as she took her place behind the microphone. She sang the lead part while her dad harmonized with her occasionally and for the most part, looked at her with such adorable that’s-my-daughter-i’m so-proud-of-her eyes. After the performance ended, the father-daughter hugged, and Alan Jackson also gave Ali an affectionate kiss on the forehead. 

You can watch the touching music video of Alan Jackson’s “You’ll Always Be My Baby” in the video below. 


Alan Jackson, Ali Jackson Bradshaw

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