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One of the greatest hit songs of Mr. Randy Travis that became number one on The Billboard Hot Country Songs chart: Honky Tonk Moon (1988).

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Way back June 1988, a writer named Dennis O’Rourke wrote a song entitled: Honky Tonk Moon and it was recorded by an American country music artist named Randy Travis. The song became the leadoff single from the album Old 8×10 by Mr. Travis and entered the number one spot on the billboard for one week.

Are you curious why this song became popular that time? Let’s have a closer look..

Randy Travis – Honky Tonk Moon

Dirt road in the twilight

Woods so cool and dark

Up ahead pale neon

Somewhere a dog barks

Honky tonk moon

Keeps shining on my baby and me

Breaking up the pool balls

Chalking up the cues

Jukebox pumping softly

Lazy summer blues

Honky tonk moon

Keep shining on my baby and me


Through the blue smoky haze

All through the day

Troubles seem to melt away

My heart’s on a roll

I’m easy in my soul

There’s no hurry, no worry

Things are going my way

My arms around my baby

Shuffling on the floor

Cigarettes and sawdust

Squeaky old screen door

Honky tonk moon

Keep shining on my baby and me


Outside the dark has fallen

Stars are winking bright

An old hoot owl is calling

Everything’s all right

Honky tonk moon

Keep shining on my baby and me.i

                                      ( Randy Travis – Honky Tonk Moon Lyrics |via MetroLyrics)


As you listen to this song, you will be amazed by how Mr. Randy Travis delivered it in such a way that you can feel his feelings and be grateful to have such a wonderful and insightful artist to grace the music industry.  His amazing rendition of the song also captivated enough listeners that’s why it made its spot on the billboard for over a week as a number one among other songs during that time.

You can listen to the song without feeling bored since the rhythm and melody an e a great impression to all the people who will d also the lyrics of the song was quite interesting and memorable for its listeners.  The song was quite an impression to all first time listeners to music and will surely recommend this song to others.


Randy Travis

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