September 7

Ferlin Husky’s Faith Soared in “Wings of a Dove”

Country singing won’t be country without songs about faith.

This was proven true when in 1960; Ferlin Husky brought “Wings of a Dove” to the mainstream. The reception was promising and it landed 1st on Country Song Billboards for ten non-consecutive weeks.

When he first thought of it, he had push backs from colleagues. He was told that the song was too religious and that people won’t buy it. For many more months, he pressed his producer Ken Nelson to record it but Mr. Nelson won’t concede. He worried that it won’t work, and that will be the end of Ferlin’s career. Ferlin made efforts to have other artists record it but to no avail.

However, in 1959, they recorded “Wings of Dove” in the absence of Mr. Nelson. His plane got stranded in Dallas. Ferlin took that as a sign to record “Wings of a Dove.”

He just had that strong feeling about the song. His gut was right because the following year, it became a hit. Ferlin credited God for this success.

“The Lord was looking down on me, and helped me get it on records,” he said.

Ferlin Husky at the Grand Ole Opry (1960)


It is a country song by Bob Ferguson in 1958. “Wings of a Dove” then became popular after Ferlin Husky’s recording in 1960. The Ferlin Husky recording went to number one on the country charts for ten non-consecutive weeks. It was Ferlin Husky’s third and final number one on the country chart spending nine months on the chart.

“Wings of a Dove” was successful on the pop charts as well, peaking at number twelve on the Hot 100. In 1987, Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) awarded Ferguson with the “million air” plays for the “Wings of a Dove.”

The song alludes to several passages from the Christian Bible about doves sent by the Lord. One is in Genesis 8:6-12 about God sending Noah a dove during the flood. Another passage about a dove is in Matthew 3:16. After Jesus’s baptism, the heavens opened. John the Baptist saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him.”
(quoted and rephrased from Boars Nest )


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