April 8

Is George Strait, The King of Country, Going to Retire Soon?

George Strait spilled the beans about his retirement and of course a lot of his supporters were shocked and saddened about this decision. But until now, there is no exact date as to when this is going to happen. Plus, he recently released his brand new album. Is this a sign that the King of Country will be around for a long time?

George Strait, king of country
Photo Credits: George Strait/Official Facebook Home Page

George Strait and his Plans for his Final Hurrah?

He started his career in 1975 after serving the military, and it was a great decision for him because he was loved by many people. George Strait is a unique artist, he is one of those singers who stick to their roots in producing good and quality country sound. We can say that Strait is the epitome of a real country singer. Through the years, he has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, received numerous awards, and was included in the different Hall of Fames. In spite of the fame and glamour that he received, it seems that he will be leaving the spotlight soon.

George Strait, king of country
Photo Credits: George Strait/Official Facebook Home Page

Last year, the King of Country broke the ice and mentioned that he is quitting country music. George Strait wants to have a quiet life away from the eyes of the public. But with his new album Honky Tonk Time Machine, I guess his retirement is not going to happen just yet.

What Are The Possible Reasons For His Retirement?

Through the years, George Strait experienced a lot of tragedy and he tried to dodge the bullet when asked for an interview. This is one of the speculations of his retirement. Moreover, Strait is not as strong as he was. Maybe its time for him to enjoy the last strings of his life in a peaceful place with his family. Still, let’s just hope that the King of Country will stick for a while.


George Strait

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