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Meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters: Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey

Country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of the most successful and sweetest couples you will find in Hollywood today. But in addition to being major country superstars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are also the proud parents of three daughters Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.

During last year’s National Daughters Day, Tim McGraw has shared a photo of his girls on Twitter. He captioned the photo with a cute message that said: “There is nothing as beautifully inspiring as being the father of 3 remarkable, talented and self-confident young women! Happy #NationalDaughtersDay”.

This is not the first time country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill shared their kids to social media. Tim McGraw also shares throwback photos of the girls once in a while and sometimes, the couple share car ride sing-alongs with them which are just super adorable.  

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters: Maggie, Gracie, & Audrey

But despite that, the couple worked hard to keep them out of the spotlight in an attempt to give their girls a normal upbringing. The McGraw siblings also tend to get out of the celebrity spotlight. In fact, Maggie and Audrey’s Instagram accounts remain private as to this day.

So here are some interesting facts about country music couple Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill’s daughters Gracie McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, and Audrey Caroline McGraw that you might want to dig-in.

Gracie McGraw as the oldest

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill welcomed their first child together in 1997. Gracie McGraw, now turning 23 on May 5th, grew up in Nashville. Of the three McGraw girls, it’s only Gracie whom we’ve gotten to hear sing so far.

Though all the three girls can sing, it’s only Gracie McGraw who has shown interest in singing and performing publicly. During Tim McGraw’s concert in 2015, Gracie joined her father onstage for a duet. They sang together one of McGraw’s hit, “Here Tonight”.

But she is not dependent on her famous parents. Her mother revealed that Gracie taught herself how to play the guitar and during her high school years, she formed a band in her basement. They were even able to book some shows – all without her parent’s help, as a matter of fact, they weren’t even aware.

“It was right under our noses! Right under our roof!” her mother said. “We had no idea.”

“She taught herself to play the guitar. The band even booked some performances.” Faith Hill shared in her 2017 interview. It’s actually an all-female alt-rock band they named Tingo. Gracie’s the lead singer at the same time plays the rhythm guitar. The group features an electric style that ranges from alternative rock to what the singer described as “..a bit of all the good stuff.” 

As for the band’s name, Gracie McGraw said in his interview:

Apparently, it’s some sort of Samoan or eastern island, or maybe it’s an Easter Island thing, where somebody goes into your house and every time they visit they take something. And it’s called Tingo. I don’t know, it beats me. Kids today.

When Tim McGraw was asked if Gracie is taking his advice on launching her music career, he answered with a chuckle, “No, she doesn’t listen to dad.”

“She’s way more talented than I am, anyway. She doesn’t need any advice from me. She’s so bubbly and she fills up a room when she walks in. She’s got so much talent and is such a great songwriter, we’re going to hear from her down the road, for sure.” Indeed, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

However, the Tingo appears to be on hiatus as their college days split the group up. When Gracie attended college, Tim McGraw even made her a sweet song titled “My Little Girl”. The lyrics go: 

You’re beautiful baby, from the outside in/
Chase your dreams but always know/
The road that will lead you home again/
Go on, take on this old world but to me/
You know you’ll always be my little girl.

Isn’t it the sweetest? Gracie McGraw will forever be Tim’s little girl. On one episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill told a funny story of Gracie going on the first date. Faith Hill has met the young man and gave her approval, but for Tim McGraw, he wanted him to drop by to “say hi and look him in the eye.”

But the problem? McGraw forgot all about the scheduled met up. When the young man arrived at McGraw’s residence, he met a country star holding a knife and wearing a white apron that has been covered with blood. Isn’t it a little awkward? Apparently, McGraw was prepping up food for a barbecue. On a serious note, though, McGraw said: “No, I’m not that tough. I mean, I try to act like I am, but I just want them to be happy. I want them to have a good time.”

Gracie McGraw has now relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue an acting career. “It’s kind of wild that Nashville has been my home base for my whole life but it never really felt like home to me. Tomorrow I start my journey to the big LA baby!!!” Gracie wrote in an Instagram caption as she revealed the news. She said her move isn’t an ending but instead a beginning.

“She’s 22, and on one hand, it’s sad,” Tim recently shared about Gracie’s relocation, “but on the other hand to have the gumption to go out and chase your dreams … it feels like we did a pretty good job.”

“I’m proud of her,” he added.

Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw as the middle child

The McGraws’ middle child followed closely behind her sister. Country Music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill welcomed their second daughter, Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw in August 1998. He is fondly called by his father as Maggie May.

“Happy 21st to our Maggie May!!! Your mom, sisters and I are so very proud of you. All of your adventures and passion for life is infectious! Don’t ever stop being willing to learn. Your mother and I never tire of your eagerness. We are SO very fortunate to have you and your sisters in our lives!!! Let’s get out there and make some more memories! I love you! Dad” Tim McGraw posted on his Instagram account during Maggie’s 21st birthday last year.

Faith also celebrated Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw’s birthday by posting a video of the two of them on their cross country road trip a few years back. “This crazy girl is 21 years old today. Let’s get the party started!!!!! Taking it back three years ago….road trippin’ with the birthday girl. We love you, Maggie Mcgraw,” she wrote.

Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw is currently a college student and attends Stanford University in California, where it seems she is studying Marine Biology, because of her love for animals. “Maggie is a free diver,” McGraw shared in one of his interviews. “She’s always been interested in the ocean, so her primary interest is marine biology. She’s just about to start college, and we’ll see where it takes her. But that’s always been her biggest interest.”

And since starting college at Stanford, just like her sister Gracie, Maggie has joined a rock group, too. Country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are definitely not the only talented performers in the family. In fact during the country music couple’s Soul2Soul World Tour, at a tour stop in London, Ontario, Maggie joined her parents on stage.

McGraw has sweetly introduced Maggie before she took the center stage, he said: “She’s pretty incredible too. Ladies and Gentlemen, our daughter, Maggie McGraw.” She showcased her soulful vocals through her rendition of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ blues ballad, “I Put a Spell on You” which has put the audience in complete amazement.

Though this is not the first time Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw made a big splash. When Faith Hill skipped the 2016 American Music Awards due to foot surgery, Maggie showed up as her famous dad’s date and she drew quite a lot of attention, looking fabulous from head to toe. Earlier that year, Maggie also joined her dad during the country music’s CMT awards where McGraw took home the biggest award of the night, Video of the Year for “Humbled and Kind”. Isn’t it so sweet that Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw was able to share that moment with him?

Audrey Caroline McGraw is the youngest

Tim and Faith’s youngest child, Audrey Caroline McGraw, was born on December 6, 2001. She is described by her mom as the “the most forgiving, honest, joyful human being” and described by his dad “beautiful, vibrant and the most remarkable young woman who lights up the life of everyone she knows”.

On her 17th birthday, McGraw brought up that Audrey was born eight weeks premature. The proud dad wrote, “Seventeen years ago, this little precious jewel came almost eight weeks early to us! So tiny, but so strong!”

Country music star Faith Hill revealed this in her 2007 interview with Good Housekeeping.  She said, “Our youngest daughter, Audrey Caroline McGraw, was born on December 6.”

She was eight weeks premature, and we were finally able to bring her home the day before Christmas Eve. So this time of year just feels extra-special to us. And now, every year, to celebrate Audrey’s birthday, we decorate the tree on the sixth. It’s a little bit of a challenge, keeping a live tree fresh for the entire month of December. But there’s no other way we’d do it: We decorate on the sixth, and it has to be a live tree.

“Faith and I did a lot of praying and stayed all day every day for 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU at Baptist Hospital with such incredible nurses,” McGraw shared in one of his Instagram posts. 

Just like her two older sisters, you will not often see the youngest McGraw daughter steps out into the spotlight. But during the star-packed Versace Pre-Fall 2019 in New York City, Audrey Caroline McGraw made her front-row fashion debut together with her mom and she totally looked like a dark-haired version of Faith Hill.

Audrey is expected to begin college soon and being the only daughter left at home, this only means that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will soon become empty nesters.”The person who’s most interesting to watch now is Audrey the youngest,” Tim shared during his interview with the Country Countdown USA. “She’s going to be the only one in the house. We talked about that after her 8th-grade graduation. She goes, ‘It’s just gonna be me, you, and mom. The only thing is you’re gonna pay attention to everything I do.’ I said, ‘We always paid attention to everything you do.’ She replied, ‘But now it might be a little TOO much attention!'”

What Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Say

Despite the close relationship of the siblings, McGraw said that each of their three daughters is unique.

“Anybody who has more than one kid knows they’re so different,” McGraw said in an interview. “They’re so individual. But they’re all real close, and all real supportive of each other. They miss each other when they’re not around, but they also want their sisters to experience life.”

The young women have chosen unique paths and their parents are supportive as ever. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have always encouraged their girls to follow their dreams and when the said this, they said it without some minor reservations.

“Tim and I know what it takes to really do this for a living, but, as a parent, you don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams. It’s been one of the most difficult things for me as a mom—especially as a mom of all girls,” Faith Hill said in one of her interviews. 

“You want to protect them; you want to make sure they aren’t disappointed. I’m certain all parents would say that about their kids, but there is a point you have to remember, ‘I was 19 once, and I remember the passion and the drive I had, and I just have to let them go and do it,’” she added. “Sometimes, it’s better to let your children go through things on their own and let them experience it instead of saying, ‘Don’t do it this way, or you must do it this way.’”

But there’s definitely one non-negotiable thing: work ethic. “It is very important to us as a family, and the girls have seen that. The one thing we stress is that you don’t get things handed to you on a silver platter—you have to work for the things you want. They know it takes hard work. You don’t just arrive.”

Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey- Raised by a Power Couple

Did you know that country music couple Tim and Faith never told their kids that they had famous parents? Of course, the three ladies are smart enough to eventually figure it out, but McGraw said it was not something that they never addressed.

In one of his interviews, he said, “Our kids know it’s there. They’ve always been around it. It’s just not anything that we’ve ever really discussed or dealt with. We haven’t talked to our kids about us being famous, even when they were little. That’s what we try to make it – not an issue.”

But now that they are all grown up, the country music couple was grateful that their fame has not harmed their daughters in any way.  “We certainly don’t feel like [fame] has been a hindrance to our kids,” Laughing McGraw said in his interview. “If they grow up and write a book, we might find out differently.”

We will have to wait and see what’s in store for the McGraw ladies. “You want some affirmation. You want some understanding. You want some equality, all those things you want your daughters to take with them when they go out into the world and expect not only from…their partner in life, but from their business associates. You want them to set a high bar for what they expect from those people and how they expect to be treated,” McGraw shared in one of his interviews.

Well, I guess you’d agree with me that Tim and Faith did a great job in raising their three girls.


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