October 14

Dolly Parton on Her Fashion Choices: “More is More”

With the rise of Yeehaw fashion, let us take a look back at Dolly Parton and how she managed to make herself a true icon. She is the indisputable Queen of Country fashion and a quick google search would prove that. Even before, the country legend has always been extra when it comes to her fashion choices. We rarely see her using a plain, basic dress. There should always be sparkles and thousands of rhinestones in them.

But before the glitz and the glam, Dolly Parton’s choices on her dress were challenged by the country music industry.

dolly parton, rhinestone dress
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Dolly Parton: “More is More”

Lil Nas X made a buzz with the release of his mega-hit “Old Town Road.” It was a record-breaking song and controversial at the same time. Dolly Parton was asked to do another remix of the song and at first, she was down with it. Then the country singer respectfully declined as she deems that there is no need for new remixes anymore.

We may not have a collaboration for Dolly and Lil Nas X but they have one thing in common: their fashion style. Lil Nas X is truly inspired by the fringes and sparkles that we see in Dolly. This would not have been possible if Parton did not fight back the criticisms she was receiving back then for being extra. In fact, even her mentor Chet Atkins had warned her to tone it down.

dolly parton, rhinestone dress
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This was the singer’s witty response:

“I just wanted to be pretty. I wanted to be striking. I wanted to be colorful. I wanted to be seen. When I went to Nashville, I always overdid it. When they say, ‘Less is more,’ I say, ‘That’s BS. More is more’. I not only didn’t tone it down, I figured if my work was truly good enough, people would eventually recognize that.”

Here is another glamorous photo of the singer.

dolly parton, rhinestone dress
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Dolly Parton

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