April 26

Reflect on the “Ordinary Life” of Chad Brock


Most of us live an ordinary life. We often wake up at the same time and do the exact thing every day. It’s no doubt most people get so tired of their lives because of the routine they practice. We all crave for excitement, for adventures. We often want to live a life out of our daily lives, however, when we finally get the chance to live our dream we began to question the things we left behind. If this is what you’re dealing with right now, then you are no different with Chad Brock‘s character in “Ordinary Life.”

Chad Brock Ordinary Life
Photo Credit: Chad Brock/ Official Facebook Page

The “Ordinary Life” of Chad Brock

Brock recorded a beautiful song with an interesting story. Many people who’ve listened to the song will relate it. Songs that make most people understand are usually the best ones. “Ordinary Life” is a country song penned by Connie Harrington and Bonnie Barker in 1998. The song was part of Brock’s eponymous album. His single made it to the top ten of the Billboard country chart. In addition, Brock’s single also hit the Hot 100 and the Canadian country chart.

Story of the Song

The song tells the story of a man who’s finally tired of his life. He couldn’t take it anymore, the routine that drives him crazy. He walked into the kitchen and told his wife that his tired of everything. He wants to move out and live a free and happy life. Shelly, the narrator’s wife, said nothing at all. When he left, she continues to live her life liked nothing has changed at all.

One day the narrator realized that the life he used to, the routine life he hated, all of these he missed it. He missed his wife, his son, and,

To pay the bills, watch TV, day in, day out the same routine
Mow the grass, fix the leak, just to fix it again
Go to church, go to work

Brock’s single will make us realize that sometimes the thing we take for granted are often the ones that’ll bring us the happiness we actually need.


Chad Brock, country song, Ordinary Life

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