June 18

The Only No. 1 Song of Chad Brock, “Yes!”, Turns 18 Today

The Only No. 1 Song of Chad Brock, “Yes!”, Turns 18 Today 1
Chad Brock | Photo credit: lyrics.wikia.com

It seems that most of the songs with gloomy feel are more likely to become major hits for many artists we’ve already featured here on Country Thang Daily. There’s Stillby Bill Anderson for those who found moving on after a breakup quite difficult. George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Todaydidn’t only make one woman cry but the whole world too. Ray Price’s “Heartaches by the Numbercounts the anguish felt by the man each time his lover failed to fulfill her promises. Still, there were many songs of this subject that have become notable records and continue to resonate with the audience up to present.

But for the American country music singer Chad Brock, it’s different. In early 2000, he recorded the feel-good song “Yes!” and it became a major hit for him. His charming vocals fused with the song’s cheerful theme resulting in a readily relatable tune. As a matter of fact, the song is celebrating its 18th anniversary today since it topped the country charts.

A Few Facts of the Song   

Chad Brock enlisted the help of Jim Collins and Stephony Smith for the writing of the song. He then recorded it as the second single and title track of his second studio album of the same name. Released in February 2000, “Yes!” reached No. 1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and stayed there for three weeks. The song was also a top hit in Canada. Considered as Brock’s signature song and his only number-one single, “Yes!” received favorable reviews from Billboard magazine. One of the prominent magazine’s critics, Deborah Evans Price, stated that,

“The song ‘boasts a buoyant melody and positive lyric that captures all the excitement and emotional energy of a burgeoning relationship.’”

Additionally, she specifically described the song’s chorus as “absolutely infectious” and “one of those sing-along refrains that makes for a great radio song.”

Watch the official music video for Brock’s “Yes!” below and be ready to be infected by its optimistic vibe.

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