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Meet Kathie Lee Gifford’s Daughter That Dubiously Looks Like Her, Cassidy Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter – Cassidy Gifford – is practically the spitting image of her. The moment you look at photos of them together, you will see how uncanny their resemblance is. Cassidy will immediately remind you of her cheerful and stunning mama.

But there’s actually more to know about the gorgeous younger Gifford. Find it out below. 

1. She’s the youngest of the family.

Born on August 2, 1993, in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States, Cassidy Gifford is the youngest child of Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford. She has three older half-siblings – Frank’s children with his first wife, Maxine Avis Ewart: Victoria, Kyle, and Jeff Gifford.

2. Her father is legendary.

Cassidy’s father, Frank Gifford, is a legendary New York Giants player serving as the team’s halfback and flanker. 

After a twelve-year playing career, he became a broadcaster for CBS and eventually for the newly launched ABC’s Monday Night Football – where he served as the play-by-play broadcaster and commentator for nearly three decades. He took home the Outstanding Sports Personality award during the 1977 Sports Emmy Awards.

Sadly, Frank died in 2015 at his Greenwich, Connecticut home. The family later revealed that he had signs of concussion-related brain disease. “I will always be able to call that legend not only my dad but the kindest, most generous human being I have ever had the privilege of knowing,” Cassidy said.

3. She’s a budding actress.

Just like her famous mother, Cassidy is keen on pursuing a career in acting. And we can’t deny her natural talent for being on TV. She made her acting debut in 2005 in the hit supernatural sitcom, That’s So Raven, which originally ran on Disney Channel. She was only twelve then, but she realized that she loves acting. 

In a 2012 interview with Teen Vogue, the then-teen Cassidy revealed that it’s her dream “to win an Oscar, which I know is a big dream to live up to, but I’m hoping!”

Her next performance didn’t come until five years after her debut, but she has starred in several TV shows and feature films since then – most remarkably in the 2015 horror film The Gallows.

4. Her brother is in the entertainment industry too.

Her brother Cody is actually the one who built the Gifford Media Group. He has produced films, television, and new media picked up by most recognizable brands such as HBO Films, Warner Bros. Television, and more.

He is also a professional screenwriter. In fact, he got into the entertainment industry as a script reader at Scott Free Productions.

5. She appeared in one of Hallmark Channel’s original movies.

In 2017, Cassidy played the heroine in the Hallmark movie, Like Cats & Dogs. With her role as Lara, along with co-star Wyatt Nash as Spencer, you can anticipate a love story to grow.

The film tells the tale of Spencer, who is a cat person, while Lara is a dog person – with their opposite personalities, they would have to think up ways on how to live harmoniously on the same beach house.

6. She loves to travel.

One look at her Instagram account and you can immediately tell how Cassidy loves to travel. She’s been to a lot of stunning places. 

7. She married her childhood friend.

In June 2020, Cassidy tied the knot with her childhood friend, Ben Wierda, “in an intimate setting in his backyard in Michigan.”

Cassidy’s manager has revealed that the happy couple plans to hold “a big celebration when it’s safe to do so in the future.”

8. She received a proposal that she would surely not forget.

Cassidy shared the hilarious details on one of the happiest days in her life. In an Instagram Story, she revealed that when her boyfriend-now-husband asked for her hand, she was “face deep in a quesadilla just so he can tell that story forever,” Cassidy said.

Her sister-in-law then gave her a blanket that looks like a tortilla as a fun engagement gift that will memorialize the moment.

9. She is one of Esquire Magazine’s ‘Beautiful Women.’

In 2015, Esquire Magazine listed Cassidy as one of the “18 Beautiful Women America Won’t Be Able to Resist This Summer.”

“Remember Dana Carvey’s old Regis Philbin impression, how he’d bark about Kathie Lee Gifford’s kids, Cassidy and Cody?” Esquire wrote. “Well, the girl is now a full-fledged Hollywood starlet.” 

10. If there’s one thing she did not get from her mom, it would be her love of wine.

Cassidy may look like the spitting image of her mother, but they “do not share the same love of wine,” the actress admits, who also revealed that her mother is a big fan of wine. 

She jokingly said that “it’s a crime” in their family to come home and refused to have a glass.

Well, we can’t wait to see more of Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter in her future films.


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