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Andrew Jannakos Did Not Disappoint with His “Gone Too Soon” Debut


Two and a half years ago, Andrew Jannakos was known as a contestant for “The Voice.” Now, he is introducing himself to the country music world and Billboard charts with a style.

Andrew Jannakos

Coming from a small Greek and Italian Family where singing has become everyone’s passion, it was an almost sure thing to expect that Jannakos will be a great artist. Unfortunately, a week prior to the day he decided to move to Nashville, his father and grandmother were diagnosed with cancer. However, the 26-year-old Andrew Jannakos still made a name for himself in the music industry. He was first known during his stint on the singing show “The Voice” and has come a long way since then.

Jannakos was ready to be in the spotlight of the country music industry and was not wasting his time going full speed ahead. His debut single entered the Billboard Emerging Artists list at number 1 and he also debuted on Billboard’s Top 100 at number 65. Jannakos’ song also charted on the Hot Country Songs chart at number 12.

“Gone Too Soon”

“Gone Too Soon” reminds everyone of how we never get enough of the time we spent with our dear ones. With the pretty relatable theme and the blend of authenticity, the modern country twang float embedded in the song and the personal experience of a long distance relationship he used to have with his wife, Jannakos has all the ingredients for a timeless hit! Some people could still see the song in different ways. As for the rising country star, he’s not fazed about it and knows that music is built to be subjective.

TikTok Success

Like any other artist, producing music these days requires creativity and Andrew Jannakos is one of the several artists that got a big lift from their colossal fan bases on social networking sites. Since his days on “The Voice,” Jannakos has slowly built his army of fans, and once his song got into the world of TikTok, his followers took it and ran.

On TikTok, “Gone Too Soon” earned the country rising star more than 4 million views and a half million subscribers to his page.

Jannakos knows what it takes to have something to go viral online and for it to happen on his debut single, it’s such a huge thing for him. He is more than grateful to connect with so many people especially those whom the song spoke to. It was definitely a dream come true for Andrew Jannakos and he’s hot on the watch list.