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The Top 40 Country Songs For June 2023 That You Need To Check Out

Country star Morgan Wallen is here, again, continuously making us drop our jaws as he claims twelve spots out of the top 40 country songs for June 2023. 

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The past few months have been exciting for the Tennessee native. His most recent album, One Thing at a Time, skyrocketed to No. 1 and has been a streaming blockbuster since its release. Week after week, it has fended off competitions in various genres to remain music’s most popular album.

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Following Wallen closely is none other than Luke Combs, who flexes his songwriting skills on his new album Gettin’ Old. Other country giants ruling the top 40 country songs for June 2023 are Zach Bryan, Bailey Zimmerman, and Tyler Hubbard. Check them out below!

1. Last Night by Morgan Wallen

“Last Night” remains true to the brokenhearted, whiskey-filled path that Morgan Wallen has made his own in recent years. In this tune, he recalls a difficult conversation between him and his partner on what would become their last night together. And like most of his songs, it was wittily written, revolving over a classic piece of country wordplay.

2. Fast Car by Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ chilling cover of this iconic masterpiece is one of the ear-grabbing tracks from his fourth studio album, Gettin’ Old. “Fast Car” has long been a staple of his live performances and is even said to have been a huge part of his life growing up. So, Combs thought it was the right time to record a studio version of the hit track.

3. Something In The Orange by Zach Bryan

If you’re going through a tough time in a relationship, “Something In The Orange” will surely hit you right in the feels. This sad ballad finds Zach Bryan lamenting a doomed relationship. The woman he loves left him, and all he can do is hope against hope that this is not the end. However, something’s telling him she is never coming home.

4. Rock And A Hard Place by Bailey Zimmerman

No one had heard of Bailey Zimmerman three years ago, but now he’s got one of the year’s most anticipated albums and chart-topping hits under his name. It includes “Rock And A Hard Place,” which is making waves – not only in the country chart but also on the all-genre Billboard Global 200 chart.

5. You Proof by Morgan Wallen 

“You Proof” hits the sweet spot for country pop: it even reached No. 5 on Billboard Hot 100 and ranked No. 1 on the country chart. Here, Wallen finds himself trying to drink away the memory of a relationship gone bad. But whatever way he downs his drink, he keeps on failing to move on.

6. Dancin’ In The Country by Tyler Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard secured his second consecutive No. 1 as a solo artist on country radio with this upbeat party jam, “Dancin’ In The Country.” Hubbard co-wrote the song with country star Keith Urban, among others – marking the first time Hubbard and Urban have ever written together.

7. Thinkin’ Bout Me by Morgan Wallen

Here’s another post-breakup song by Morgan Wallen. This classic tale of love finds him wondering if his former lover is thinking of him now that she’s with her new man. Apparently, he hasn’t let go of her and hopes she’ll someday find her way back to him.

8. One Thing At A Time by Morgan Wallen

The title track of Wallen’s new One Thing at a Time album builds its theme of whiskey and women. In it, Wallen relies on alcohol to get over a girl. Interestingly, it features one of the most infectious melodies Wallen has ever recorded.

9. Thank God by Kane Brown With Katelyn Brown

Country star Kane Brown’s latest album, Different Man, comes with his first-ever duet with his wife, Katelyn – just what Brown’s fans and the rest of the country music world have been waiting for over the past few years. 

10. Next Thing You Know by Jordan Davis

It’s amazing how Jordan Davis covers life, love, family, and death in just a few minutes. This heartwarming ballad goes viral on TikTok and Instagram, with social media users using the song in their stories.

11. Need a Favor by Jelly Roll

At the beginning of the year, Jelly Roll returned to his Nashville roots and earned his first No. 1 hit on country radio. Now, he is adding another single to his resume. “Need a Favor” finds him calling out to God, hoping for a little mercy despite being steering clear for far too long.

12. Tennessee Orange by Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney has been gaining serious traction with her latest track, “Tennessee Orange.” It tells a sweet story of a girl falling in love with a boy from East Tennessee. It led her to make the little compromise of sporting the color orange despite growing up on the rival team in Georgia.

13. Love You Anyway by Luke Combs 

Luke Combs revealed that the heartbreak and love found in “Love You Anyway” come from his deep connection with his wife, Nicole. The song is a heartwarming tale of dedication to the one you will love no matter what comes your way and what happens in this world.

14. Religiously by Bailey Zimmerman 

“Religiously” by Zimmerman is a song of heartbreak! It is a country love tragedy that finds Bailey Zimmerman laying out a step-for-step story of how he got his heart broken, showcasing his creative writing skills. The song is actually about a singer who followed his dream but failed to get his dream girl.

15. Memory Lane by Old Dominion

“Memory Lane” provides a sense of comfort and nostalgia. This poignant ballad tells a story of a man who decided never to move on. Listening to it will take you back to when things were good; you’d want to stay there because it felt so good.

If these top 40 country songs for June 2023 won’t take your breath away, we don’t know what will. Keep on scrolling below for more tracks to complete the list.

  1. Human by Cody Johnson
  2. It Matters To Her by Scotty McCreery
  3. Cowgirls by Morgan Wallen Featuring ERNEST
  4. Ain’t That Some by Morgan Wallen
  5. You, Me, & Whiskey by Justin Moore & Priscilla Block
  6. I Wrote The Book by Morgan Wallen
  7. You by Dan + Shay
  8. Man Made A Bar by Morgan Wallen Featuring Eric Church
  9. Your Heart Or Mine by Jon Pardi
  10. Everything I Love by Morgan Wallen
  11. Bury Me In Georgia by Kane Brown
  12. Wreckage by Nate Smith
  13. Sunrise by Morgan Wallen
  14. 5 Leaf Clover by Luke Combs
  15. Dawns by Zach Bryan, Featuring Maggie Rogers
  16. Everything She Ain’t by Hailey Whitters
  17. ‘98 Braves by Morgan Wallen
  18. Girl In Mine by Parmalee
  19. Truck Bed by HARDY
  20. Try That In A Small Town by Jason Aldean
  21. Straight and Narrow by Sam Barber
  22. Drinkaby by Cole Swindell
  23. Angels Don’t Always Have Wings by Thomas Rhett
  24. Dying Man by Morgan Wallen
  25. Sun To Me by Zach Bryan

So, did your favorite songs make it to the list? Which among the top 40 country songs for June 2023 have you been playing on repeat lately? 


Bailey Zimmerman, Jordan Davis, Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, Zach Bryan

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