July 21

18 Small Cabin Plans You Can Build By Yourself

We have some good news for you! Today, we have gathered several small cabin plans that will help you build the cabin of your dreams which you and your family or friends can delight in during your next adventure or even as a full-time home.

It comes with step-by-step directions on how you can exactly build it, along with blueprints. Some even come with photos and a list of materials to make sure you won’t make any mistakes. Check them out below.

1. The Cottage Life Bunkie Plan

This free cabin plan is perfect for newlyweds who are just starting a family. It’s compact but at the same time spacious enough for an adult-sized loft. The 17-page plan consists of detailed instructions that are easy to follow, a list of materials, and plan drawings. However, you should take note that this doesn’t come with a kitchen or a bathroom. 

2. 12×20 Cabin on a Budget 

Here’s another free cabin, this time, it’s from Instructables, who gave detailed information on how you can build small cabins.

You will find helpful illustrations as well as actual pictures all through the plan, so rest assured you won’t be making any mistakes. There are fifteen steps all in all and about fifty images that are very helpful in finishing this project.

Once you complete the cabin, there’s another plan to help you round off the inside of it. It includes details for the wiring, tips on insulation, flooring, and wall finishing, and even helpful ideas for the furniture.

3. The Lookout Cabin 

This free cabin plan is perfect for making a terrific little home – especially if you want to build one within the confines of a tiny area. It actually has a 460 square foot floor area consisting of one small bedroom, full bathroom, balcony, lavatory, and an upstairs.

Moreover, the plan comes with details for roof and wall framing as well as electrical plans, foundation, floor plans, and so much more.

4. Two-Bedroom Free Cabin Plan

Get this free cabin which features a loft, basement, and two bedrooms. It has six huge floor plans for the basement, main floor, and loft. There’s even a schematic plan for the roof, a list of electrical items, and so much more.

5. Three Bedroom Cabin Plan

Unlike the floor plans above, this one features an open-floor living, dining, and kitchen on its first floor. It has three bedrooms too, two on the first floor and the third one on the second floor.

In addition to that, the plan also comes with a fireplace, wood decks, and two full baths. Overall, it has 1,164 square feet of living space that you’ll feel like you’re in one of the best cabin rentals in the country.

6. Dream Cabin With a Loft

Following this entire cabin plan will give you a small house complete with a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bath, and loft. The plan comes with a list of materials and a set of instructions to help you choose elevation and to build the walls and foundations. It even has calculators you can use to figure out floor joists, rafters, porch roof beams, porch deck beams, and floor beams.

7. Off-Grid Cabin Plan from Instructables

This is one of the small cabin designs that will help you stay off the grid. With a size of 8′ X 8′ – you will already get a kitchen, desk, a bathroom, and a closet with storage cabinets. It even has a system for RV water and propane.

The step-by-step direction in this plan is easy to follow. There are also diagrams and a list of materials that are very handy in building a cabin.

8. Two-story Small Cabin Plans

This two-story small cabin plan is pretty unique. We are all used to directly getting into the living room, but these simple cabin plans come with a small mudroom where you can remove your coats and dirty shoes. 

It’s actually a great feature for such tiny cabins plans.

9. Small Modern Eco-Cabin Plans

This small eco-friendly cabin not only has a small carbon footprint but also provides a comfortable space. It has plenty of helpful features such as a foyer or storage room that leads to the dining area, a living room that is connected to the porch, and a roomy space upstairs enough for you to set up a perfect bedroom or office.

10.  Rustic Granny Pod Plans

This is one of the most traditional-looking cabins with a porch and a loft that can also serve as a storage area. The main bedroom can be found on the ground floor, which is quite handy if you have elderly around.

Here are other cabin plans you need to check out!

So, which among these small cabin plans do you think will suit you best? Anyway, if you’re not fond of building something from scratch, then you might also want to check some small cabins for sale or those log cabin kits under 1100 SQFT that are pretty quick and easy to build.



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