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The Sweet Moment Between Kris Kristofferson And His 93-Year-Old Nanny

For Kris Kristofferson, country music has “always been about real life, real emotions” and the way he organizes his experiences and tries to make sense out of them. 

This sweet moment is no different.

In 2016, when Kristofferson was in Austin, Texas, for Willie Nelson‘s annual Fourth of July picnic, he made his way over to Barcelona Biltmore Assisted Living Home in McAllen just to see a very special audience of one. It’s no other than his 93-year-old former nanny Juanita Cantu.

Kris Kristofferson Considers Nanny Juanita As His Second Mother

When Kris Kristofferson left the military to take up a career as a country singer, his mother was terribly disappointed with him that they never got along. It was Juanita who took care of him and acted like a second mother to him and his siblings as they were growing up.

“She went to work for our family when she was about 13, and she basically raised me and my brother and sister because my folks were away a lot. She had a good heart,” the singer said.

He has stayed in touch with her throughout his life. In this short clip we’ve found, you’ll see nanny Juanita excitedly waiting for the country legend’s arrival and for a reunion that neither of them will definitely ever forget.

Barcelona Biltmore Assisted Living Home was indeed filled with joy when Kristofferson came in. The facility owners arranged a special luncheon, they played bingo, and Kristofferson gave away autographed CDs.

He then sang Juanita a precious song to both of them, “For The Good Times,” a track he wrote that established him as one of country and popular music’s top songwriters. Juanita sweetly ran her hand through Kristofferson’s hair while he was singing, and the country star couldn’t help but get emotional, wiping away his tears. Kristofferson also sang “Why Me Lord” to Juanita. 

This tearful reunion is perhaps the sweetest thing you’ll see all day. You can watch it in the video below.

Here's another of Kris and Juanita. This one is more clear…

Posted by Kris Kristofferson on Wednesday, July 6, 2016


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