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Reba Introduces James Corden To Her Food Obsession: Corn Dogs

Reba Introduces James Corden To Corn Dogs During 2018 Interview

Reba McEntire is many things. She is a country music singer often referred to as the ‘Queen of Country,’ an actress most known for her role as Reba Hart on the TV sitcom Reba, a businesswoman, a mother to four kids, and a corn dog lover. 

Yes, you read the last one right. She is definitely one of the biggest fans of the southern fried treat, the corn dogs. In fact, back in 2018, the singer/actress even posted a photo set of her first, lovingly holding a corn dog with another resting comfortably on her lap; second, sharing it with a friend; and third and fourth, more friends with their own photo op with the famous corn dog on Instagram. As she said in her caption, there is nothing better than a corn dog than everybody having one!

That was why in her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Reba just had to share the love (or might we call it an obsession at this point) she had for this food. 

During the interview, TV host James Corden asked Reba McEntire what was the story behind her post. Reba shared with him that they had a show at the Strawberry Festival in Florida at the time. And whenever she gets out of the car before the start of the show to go get ready, she would tell her team, “I don’t care what happens at this show tonight, but you better have me a corn dog when I get back in this car.”

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After storytime, James Corden admitted to Reba that he had actually no clue what a corn dog was, so he didn’t know how it tasted. That was when he pulled out four corn dogs which were prepared behind his desk for him, Reba, and two other guests to try. And it seemed like everyone had a lovely time enjoying the corn dog.

When James took his first bite, he commented on how sensational it was. He also said, “Oh my god, I feel like I’m giving my mouth a cuddle.”

Watch the whole corn dog appreciation in the video below!