October 11

Porter Wagoner Recorded Jerry Reed’s Song “Misery Loves Company”

We deal with breakups depending on how we can. Some people hang out with friends while others stay at home and cry their eyes out. Some people go out and drink the pain away because they want to feel free from the pain.

The Song “Misery Loves Company”

Jerry Reed wrote an honest song about what some people do when they go through a breakup. “Misery Loves Company” is a song written by Jerry Reed in 1961. The poignant song was first recorded by Porter Wagoner in the same year. The single became part of his Slice of Life- Songs Happy ‘N’ Sad. Wagoner earned his second No. 1 song on the Billboard chart with this song. His first song to reach at No. 1 was “A Satisfied Mind” in 1955. After six years, he finally has another No.1 as a solo artist. In addition, this was also his last No. 1 song as a solo artist. His album Slice of Life did not enter the Billboard chart.

Cover Versions

In 1977, Moe Bandy, a country artist, recorded the song for his album Cowboys Ain’t Supposed to Cry. In addition, Ronnie Milsap recorded the song in 1980.

The Song’s Content

In “Misery Loves Company,” the narrator went out all by himself to forget the pain he feels. He did not invite his friends. Instead, he spends the night with strangers, drinking. The narrator tries to drown his sorrow with alcohol with the company of strangers because he was left by the woman he loves for another man.

“She just walked out and left me for somebody else.”

Moreover, the narrator also mentions that this was his first time to experience a terrible heartache.

“Now I’m not the first one who’s lost everything

To a false-hearted woman with a false hearted dream

But this is the first time I’ve suffered myself.”

If you feel miserable today like the narrator, you are not alone. Find people and be with them so you can forget the pain for a while. However, you still have to feel the pain, but it will all disappear, sooner or later.

Here is Porter Wagoner’s No. 1 hit song “Misery Loves Company.”

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