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Porter Wagoner Tells the Incredible Story of “The Carroll County Accident”

If you are looking for a song that’s not only classic but also has an interesting story that will blow you away, we got you. We present to you a hit song that was popularized by Porter Wagoner in 1968. “The Carroll County Accident” is an interesting country song that will get you hooked up until the very end of the song. It has well-written words that can be turned into a movie.

Porter Wagoner’s Signature Song “The Carroll County Accident”

Wagoner recorded “The Carroll County Accident” in 1968 for his same-titled album. The song was a hit when it was released, reaching number two on the US chart. It earned Wagoner his first song on the Canadian country chart. In addition to that, Wagoner’s single won the 1969 CMA Song of the Year. Aside from becoming popular and winning awards, it became one of Wagoner’s signature songs.

The Song that Could be a Movie

The song tells the story of an accident that occurred in Carroll County. It involved Walter Browning, a man known in their town, and Mary Ellen. The narrator was telling how it all started. He even mentions that Browning was a happy, married man, but at the time of the accident; they found out that his wedding ring was missing. Nobody knows where it was but the narrator soon found out where it was. Since we don’t want to spoil it for you, we’ll just let you find it out yourself.

Here’s Wagoner telling an interesting story with his song “The Carroll County Accident.”

The following year, Wagoner’s music partner, Dolly Parton, recorded her version of the song for her album ‘In the Good Old Days (When Times were Bad).’

The Song’s Inspiration

Everybody wondered what inspired Bob Ferguson to write such an incredible song. The plot is so lifelike and it’s perfect for a movie. It turns out that Ferguson was driving from Nashville to Mississippi when he first saw the sign Carroll County, Tennessee. This sparked his idea for the song’s title. When he saw another sign, Carroll County, Mississippi, he was already done writing the song.


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