September 28

The Beautiful Story of Porter Wagoner’s Song, “A Satisfied Mind”

Are you happy with where you are, or what you have in mind? Do you consider yourself to be a rich person? If not, who do you think is the richest man? Many times we only say a person is rich if they have all the money in the world. Why, because we see them happy, doing the things that they love and going anywhere they want to go. However, have you ever noticed that most of the people who have all the money in the world often feel lonely or often commit suicide? Why do you think so?

The Story Behind the Making of “A Satisfied Mind”

“A Satisfied Mind” is a song written by Joe Hayes and Jack Rhodes in 1955. Hayes said the song was mostly from what he heard from his mother when he was growing up. Another reason that inspired him to write the song was his father-in-law. One day, his father-in-law asked him who the richest man in the world is, and he said names of people that he knows. Then his father-in-law said that he was wrong. He said that the richest man on earth is a man with a satisfied mind. How inspiring, isn’t it folks?

The Song’s Content

The song “A Satisfied Mind” tells the story of a man who has everything, however, he felt like he needs more. Then when he lost all his money, he started to realize that he has everything. He became satisfied in life and not wanting many things anymore. He mentions that money can’t buy things like your youth, a friend, or a lover, which is true. Money can only buy us material things, but the intangible things are free. This song has a strong message that is inspiring and helpful in times when you think you have nothing. We have everything. It is just a matter of seeing things in a more positive or different perspective.

“Money can’t buy back your youth when you’re old

Or a friend when you’re lonely or a love that’s grown cold.”

Porter Wagoner and Other Artists

In 1955, Porter Wagoner first recorded the song as a single. He made it reach No. 1 on the Billboard Country chart. This was Porter’s first No. 1 song in his career, and it brought him to the spotlight. The song has a beautiful meaning, and most artists enjoyed it. Thus, certain country singers such as Johnny Cash, Jean Shepard, Glen Campbell, Faron Young, Willie Nelson, and Lee Ann Womack covered the song.

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