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The Judds’ Classic Hit with a Great Message, “Love can Build a Bridge”


The Judds were the best mother-daughter duo of the ’90s because of their influence on country music. They are known for their hits such as “Why not Me?” “Have Mercy,” “Girls Night Out,” and “Love is Alive.”

They have great songs but their “Love can Build a Bridge” has the best message out of all the other tracks. It was released back in 1990, under the album of the same name.

the judds, Love Can Build A Bridge
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Behind the Judds’ Song

The song was written by Naomi Judd (the other half of the Judds), John Jarvis, and prolific songwriter Paul Overstreet. It was a team of three artists who came up with the song. In an interview, Jarvis has this to say:

“Naomi Judd handed me a set of lyrics she had written which was inspired by a conversation she had with Paul Overstreet. I immediately heard a melody and wrote it in literally 15 minutes. What took the most time was finding the right feel for the final recording. I believe we recorded it two or three different times before they were happy.”

It was not a commercial hit for the country duo but it definitely gained the attention of award-giving bodies. It won the Grammy’s Song of the Year back in 1992 because of the strong message behind the track.

the judds, Love Can Build A Bridge
via YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

I would whisper love so loudly, every heart could understand
Love and only love can join the tribes of man, not trials

Our nation is divided right now due to polarizing issues that arise each day. Whether it be about religion, politics, gender discrimination or racial discrimination, we all have a side to defend. This is where it gets tough because the discussions are turning into hate speeches.

Why must this be the case? Well, we just have to remember the Judds‘ message in their song. Love can build a bridge so it must be our tool when communicating with other people. When discussing our differences, we should find common ground and similarity with each other. All of these are be possible if we are loving people who are capable of understanding each other no matter how different they are.

Listen to the Judds’ song here:



1990s classic hit, love can build a bridge, The Judds

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